Wednesday, 26 March 2014

More Happy Mail

Yesterday I received another box of goodies, quite unexpectedly, from my friend Catherine.  She and her family are returning to London after several years in Hong Kong.  Here is what arrived:
A serious pile of Christmas fabrics!
A sweet little Christmas kit, and a whole stack of HSTs in gorgeous 1920s reproduction fabrics.  There are enough of those to make something decent.  The Christmas fabrics I will use later in the year.  Hopefully Cheryll will run another Santa Swap, so they will be useful then.
The last time I posted about Happy Mail on my blog, one of my followers, M.K. who has a sweet blog here, left me a comment saying:
"Dasha, you must have "Will Adopt Orphaned Fabric" written on your forehead :) "
I broke up laughing when I read that!  I think there must also be a sign with neon lights outside my house with words to that effect.
It does get used though, and what I can't use I take down to Cabarita for the girls at Stitching Hearts.  Sometimes I channel stuff I can't use to my friend Di who runs a class at the local women's shelter as well.  I will probably share some of this Christmas fabric with Di.
Also yesterday, I finished off 3 laundry bags for Aussie Heroes.  I had hoped to be well enough to go down tomorrow to a sewing day for Aussie Heroes, but the thought of the drive to Sydney made me realise it would be too much.  So I will probably just post them off myself.

The label on the front is for the serviceman's name for identification.  Sometimes I am given the actual name of the person receiving the laundry bag, in which case I applique a set of initials.  This lot will just go for general distribution, so they get a plain label.  Here is a close up of the fabrics I used.

The middle one I bought from Lincraft recently, the other two came to me via Jackie, a Stitching Hearts lady who works at Achieve, a craft op shop.  She has passed on lots of fabrics which are not saleable in the shop, generally because the pieces are too small.  My personal favourites are the little Scotty dogs.  Aren't they cute?  I love their tiny little red tongues.
This afternoon I thought I had better get a wriggle on and make some progress on the Threads of Memory block for February.  This block is called Mercer County Star.  The March one is due for release on Saturday.  So I cut it all out, and began piecing it.

I have carried over two of the fabrics I used for the previous block - the pink and the stripe in the centre star.  The rest are new fabrics.
That centre star has 17 pieces, and it finished at 4.5" square!  Some of those bits are pretty small, much smaller than I am used to sewing.  Somehow I managed to make it and not lose any points.  Wow.  But I do confess that I did some reverse sewing LOL.  I love this block, and am looking forward to seeing what it looks like completed.
Something else I dragged out this week is a quilt I made for my eldest grand daughter, about 11 years ago.  Their cat Stella managed to chew a hole clean through the quilt!
I have had this quilt for a while, and the thought of fixing it freaked me a bit.  When I pulled it out of the cupboard during the week, I looked at that hole and wondered why I had made such a big thing out of it.  I have found some of the original backing fabric, and I am planning to do a Broderie Perse applique of a little squirrel on the front of it, and a simple square on the back.  I don't have any of the fabric in the original block left of course.  The block is a Noah's Ark scene, so the squirrel will sort of fit, and the colours are OK.  I would have preferred a chicken, but the fabrics I had were all wrong for the block.  I will have to quilt over it somehow to anchor the repair.
I have sent off an entry form to the Central Coast Quilt show.  I am planning to exhibit my "Summer Evening in a Garden Maze".  Just fretting slightly that the quilt isn't back yet from the quilter.  Jenny does know I want to show it, so I just have to trust in her.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. boy Dasha you are one busy lady and i am pretty sure Chez will have a xmas in july and a xmas swap in dec,so you will be able to use some of your fabric,hope you have a lovely evening.xx

  2. I love your boomerang fabric in the laundry bag. Good luck with the repair; you've hit on a good solution with the squirrel staying in the animal theme.

  3. I'll be sure to check out your quilt at the show. I'm sure it will be wonderful! :)

  4. Ooo -- I hope your "Summer Evening" quilt wins. It's so beautiful. Thanks for the linky, dear friend :) You do such lovely and generous work. Those soldier bags are so nice. And I'm happy you're patching the child's quilt -- so many people would just leave it to grow worse. Now it seems it will be cuter than before!


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