Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Monday Happy Mail

Yesterday afternoon the doorbell rang, and look what arrived....

The story behind this parcel begins in January, when I joined the Grow Your Blog link up here.  You can still go visit some of the blogs which participated if you wish - well worth the effort.  Anyway, Jackie from One Creative Cat came for a visit and ended up following my other blog, Stitching Hearts.   She contacted me and asked if I could use some orphan blocks.  Sure I said, thinking one or two or maybe a dozen, and this is what arrived.
My daughter was coming by before school pickup, so I was so controlled!  I waited til she came to open the parcel (she is a sewer and an all round crafty person too and I knew she would want to snoop in that parcel too) and this is what we found..
A huge Iowa Star.  Completed with background corners etc., this will be big enough for a lap quilt for a nursing home patient.  So pretty.

And look at those perfect points!!

A pile of 14 x 9-patches, which will finish at 5".

Four 12" star blocks.  Now these are Sawtooth stars, with a square in a square block as the centre.  I checked my block bible, which calls it a Variable Star.  Does anyone know if there is a proper name for this block?

A cute pieced house.

Four of the cutest little machine appliqued teapots.

Two 8" Barrister's Blocks.

And 12 Bears Paw blocks.  These were obviously a block exchange at some point, because several of these have a name written on them.

And a huge pile of pieced and appliqued trees in Christmassy colours.  Each block obviously had a plaid sashing around it which has been cut off.  Things like this intrigue me.

And look at this pile of 6" squares!  It is at least 4" tall - many a lap quilt will be made from these.

Which brings me to the next question.  I am a bit over making quilts with just squares for charity.  Anyone got any bright ideas for scrappy quilts starting with 6" squares?  I would really appreciate some fresh ideas.
Thank you Jackie.  I shall have lots of design wall planning to do.
Now for a funny.  My shower door is one of those which works on a pivot and you pull the door towards you to open it.  On Sunday night I was about to step into the shower (in my birthday suit of course topped with the latest couture plastic shower cap) when I found that the door had collapsed and wouldn't open.  So grateful it happened while I was outside the shower!!  Me trying to clamber over the top of the shower stall, soaking wet in the bollocky would not have been a pretty sight.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Jackie ROCKS!!! Always thinking of others...hope this leads to some wonderful charity quilts! Happy Monday - Tanya

  2. Very exciting for you! Lots for your to play with.:)

  3. How exciting this lot will certainly keep you very busy.

  4. So glad they made it there. The trees were from a piece makers pattern. I made the top and hated it. So I cut it up thinking I could use the trees for another project. And some squares were from swaps some I made but never got anywhere with. So glad you will make some fun stuff, enjoy!!!

  5. Holy Wow!! You hit the block lottery!!! Beautiful every single one.

    What about setting those blocks on point and sewing them together - still just blocks sewn together but putting them on point sometimes adds just enough to take away from the tedium. . .

  6. lol Im trying not to visualise what might have happened in the bathroom lol
    Fabulous gifts there from a generous lady - lovely.
    Somewhere or other.........I saw a nice idea where 6" squares were nine patched together, then one nine patch was cut iether down the centre forming two narrower 3" rectangles in the mix, are you following me? lol
    you could slice down the middle of each 3 tier, vertically so youd have 6 x 3 teired 3" strips of rectangles yes?
    Then the lass had simply pieced the cut downs in between the 6" nine patches, staggering them for effect too and it looked rather nice.
    I will try and recall where Ive seen it, it would just be abit different but still simple stitching to give an interesting effect I think.
    Lyn :)

  7. Dasha, you must have "Will Adopt Orphaned Fabric" written on your forehead :) I have "Will Adopt Orphaned Yarn" on mine - haha!! So much yarn! I have some various fabric pieces that I'll never use. I don't know if you want MORE, but perhaps they could find a home with you? At least i know you have the skill to do something beautiful with them, and I simply won't. I'm too busy tending to yarn!

    The shower story is funny. But ... you used a term totally new to me. What is a 'bollocky'?


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