Sunday, 30 March 2014

Last week of Teal

I managed to finish off the last of the teal Road to Oklahoma blocks today for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge at SoScrappy.   The link for that is here.  How about going over to see what everyone else has been up to?  The colour for April is yet to be announced.  Rats!!  The anticipation is killing me.

I have decided I LOVE teal.  Why haven't I/don't I use more of that colour range??  So I shall have to rectify that.  Here are my 8 RtO blocks:

Its a great block, and I love the star pattern which emerges when you lay the blocks out in this way.  When I mentioned that one Friday morning a couple of weeks ago, Fiona said she hadn't seen the stars - just the squares.  Well I had to peer very closely to see those squares, and if I don't concentrate on them, the stars reappear.  What do your eyes see in the secondary design?  Stars or squares, or something else I haven't seen? 
In my last teal post, I was talking about the dresses I made for my 3 grand daughters.  Your mind truly does play some tricks on you.  I was convinced I had made the dresses about 4 maybe 5 years ago, and couldn't find that photo to show you.  Then by accident I found the photo a day or so ago - I made them for Christmas of 2006!  And that is over 7 years ago.  Here are the two eldest, twirling in our family room.  Both of them a whole lot bigger now LOL

Last weekend I also showed you my crochet project.  I have begun the two new extra blocks from scratch.  I was going to try this "magic ring" from a tutorial on YouTube but got in a total muddle, so took it apart and just started with a chain.

Sometimes on Wednesday mornings, I manage to get to the craft group run by my friend Joyce at church.  This week when I got there, I found they were learning to do the crochet tops for towels.  So pleased to have learnt how to do those towel tops; I use them all the time.  I've got mine finished with the button sewn on last night, and hung it in the kitchen to use.

Many years ago, while poking around in an antique shop in Carcoar, which was more like a second hand junk shop than anything else, I spotted a huge jar of used buttons.  I bought it as it was dirt cheap.  I gave half the buttons to my daughter, but there are still heaps.  I rat through every time I find I need a button, and there is usually something there which suits. 
I am going to have to give the crochet a rest now for a while though as my hands are whinging badly.  If I leave it for a week or so, I might be able to get back to it to finish that blanket off.
It does mean that this afternoon I will have to go find something to work on in front of the TV for the next week or so.  Perhaps I should go back to that cross stitch and make some progress on that.  It was sending me cross eyed there for a while, but I have had a break from it now.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. I LOVE your Road to Oklahoma blocks. The secondary pattern is awesome. Another pattern I'm going to have to put on my "to do" list.

  2. I really like the RtO blocks AND I see the stars! Teal is a great color family to work with; I always enjoy it. It's also a great color for clothing, as it looks good on almost everyone!

  3. It is amazing how fast time flies by and it is very easy to lose track of it. The dresses you created for your grand girls are beautiful!

  4. Love your teal blocks! I am constantly amazed at how fast time flies by. Worst of all -- it seems to always be speeding up!

  5. Love your teal blocks! What cute little girls in blue dresses. My how time flies.

  6. Love those swirly dresses. Isn't it darling how little girls love to swirl around?

  7. Oh My I think I have a teal quilt in me! It is my favorite color!! Love this!!


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