Monday, 3 March 2014

Home & Playing Catch-Up

Home at last.  It always interests me that I can look forward to a holiday immensely, but at the end of it, irrespective of how long we have been away, invariably on the last day before we leave I am so ready to come home.

So here is the catch-up bit that I didn't have time to do on the Friday before we left.

If you have read my blog before, you will know that I go to my Friday Quilters sewing group on Friday mornings.  Friday last week was no exception, and I took along my camera to show you some of the gorgeous things the ladies are working on.  There weren't many of us there, but that didn't mean we weren't doing some good things.

First up there is Fiona.  She is making a wedding quilt, and the blocks all have a "meaning".  This one is from a post at Starwood Quilter, and it is called Wedding Bouquet.  If I'm not wrong, these are the last two blocks she needs to make.

I did take a photo of Fiona, but it was so bad that I am sure she would be grateful that I decided not to post it for all the world to see!
Next is Joan.  She travels a lot, and usually buys a piece of fabric from all the places she has been.  She is making a "Caravan Quilt" with all these fabrics.  Joan loves bright fabrics - or to use her words "jewel fabrics".  She is very inventive, and will use a tiny photo to give her the inspiration to make up her own design.  I am always in awe of what she produces.

This is Di's end of the table.  This time she brought in a baby quilt she has made to bind.  Isn't the little featherweight beautiful?

And she brought some quilting to show us.  She has made a wall hanging using sample threads from Superior Threads, and has used a variety of quilting stitches.  This girl does all her quilting on an antique Singer 201, and her quilting is brilliant.

The pale blue thread used in the centre is Glow in the Dark.  And it does!  We all went into the cupboard & closed the door to see it glowing.  What a hoot. 
Next is Joanna.  She is finishing off a table runner for her sister.  Joanna is another lady who is very creative.  She sees a photo or a fabric which gives her an idea, and she just goes from there.  I love watching her work.

And here is Joyce.  She was doing wool embroidery.  Joyce is a friend from church, and she leads a craft group on Wednesdays in the church hall.  She loves coming on Fridays and reckons she learns something new each time she comes.  Most of her work is prep work for her Wednesday Buttons group.

And what was I working on?  Some blocks donated to Stitching Hearts by Julia.  I have trimmed them all to a uniform size, completed the applique on the butterfly top left, and began piecing the sashing this week.  Here is the layout I will be using.

And here is a photo of the room we work in.  Its perfect for us.

Things have happened in the week we were away.  Firstly it rained for about 3 of the days, and the rain gauge had collected 3".  That is a decent amount, and the garden is happy!  It has rained again off and on yesterday and last night.

Firstly the Murraya, or Orange Jasmine, is in bloom.  The fragrance is a strong one.  We have two big shrubs in the back yard by the clothes line and the back garden is filled with the lovely scent of this bush.  It flowers several times through the year, so is good value.

Can you see the spider top left?  He has made a little "home" for himself by curling a dead leaf into a tube.  This hangs in the web, and the unsuspecting insects don't see the spider as the flap around.  He only comes out if he thinks dinner has arrived. 
The Naked Lady lilies have sprung up.  We have one clump of them which comes up each year and takes me by surprise every time.  No leaves, and they only last a few days, so we were lucky to catch them, as there was no evidence of them the day we left.  

About 2 weeks before we left, I bought a little "glass house" kit at the new hardware store.  I planted some coriander seeds, but none of them came up.  In a fit of pique I threw some more in a day or so before we left, and look what greeted me when I came in the door on Saturday night!  

Coriander is fairly expensive to buy, as I don't use all that much of it, so lots is wasted when I buy a bunch.  This will last for a while, and I can pick it as I need it.  Much better value.  Now I have to find somewhere to plant it.
A couple of weeks ago, Jan gave me some Tiny Tom tomatoes which had sprung up self seeded in her yard.  I planted them, and here is the first harvest.  Aren't they cute?  They are only about 1/2" across.

Last night I had a lovely time surrounded by scraps.  This month's colour for the Rainbow Scrap challenge is Teal, so I was sorting through my pre-cut 2" squares, while watching some programs I had recorded in the week we were away.  A nice way to spend Sunday night.
I am off this morning to pick up my sewing machine from its annual service.  Can't wait to get behind it and have a sew!

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. The ladies in your stitching group look lovely, friendly and creative too! You must have THE best time on a Friday! I'm jealous!!! :)

  2. Those new tomatoes look so good -- aren't we ready for summer? I know that orange jasmine smells heavenly. We also have those lilies, but we call them spider lilies or surprise lilies -- they really pop up! Ours are almost all red. I've never seen a yellow one.

    Your sewing friends are amazing. That quilting on the antique machine, is stunning! She's very gifted. -- they all are!


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