Thursday, 6 March 2014

Adding to Stash & A Finish

I worked like a demon yesterday to finish off a single bed top for Stitching Hearts, because today was our meeting day, but in the end, I didn't feel too crash hot this morning and couldn't face the trip to Sydney.

Here is the second of the scrappy blues quilts (there is a tutorial on the Tutorials page if you'd like to make one).  I finished the first one up at the eleventh hour in December to claim as a 2013 finish, and blogged about it here.

I had this one almost finished for ages, but I was totally over it, so it lay about waiting for the last borders.  My boredom levels are low, and as this one was the second of the pair, I was fed up with working on it.  Its now done!

This one is set with the centre strips going the opposite way to the previous one.  I think on balance I prefer this setting.
I went up to a pretty little shop in McMasters Beach called Pieces to Treasure to see if I could find some backing for my "Summer Evening in a Garden Maze". 
Since I was last there, Jenelle has added a new room, which has opened up the shop area, and allowed her to have a dedicated class area.  Looks fabulous. 
I found this lovely piece of fabric for the backing:

Its a wide back which surprised me, as I don't usually like them much.  It is "Vin du Jour" by 3sisters for Moda, and compliments the quilt beautifully.  I love the vines and leaves and birds on it, very fitting for the quilt.  It is directional, so I had to buy 2 drops, and shock horror, that will mean left overs!!   It won't be hard to find something else to use it in.
While there, I picked up these cuties.

They are going into a little tote I am making for Missy 7 who turns 8 on Sunday, and is designed to carry the new "grown up" bible we have bought her.  Its mid-way in the construction process, so not much to show you yet.  I had intended to use fabrics from stash, but these were so pretty, I couldn't resist them.

I got my machine back on Monday from its annual service.  He has recorded the number of stitches I have done - 1.2 million since last February, and 3.8 million in total for 3 years.  That's a lot of stitches bearing in mind that I have 3 other machines, all of which I use!

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Congratulations on finishing the blue quilt. It must be quite a relief to have finally pushed on with it.
    I love the vin du jour series too and recently bought a jelly roll of it. I'm sure this fabric is going to finish your garden maze beautifully.

  2. Congrats on finishing! That background fabric is really gorgeous.


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