Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Tambourine Mountain

On Monday we hired a car and drove out to Tambourine Mountain - an area of small villages, National Parks and stunning scenery.  It is roughly 40 minutes west of Broadbeach where we are staying.  The day was a bit gloomy, but we managed to stay dry.

There are a dozen or more fabulous places to visit, but we chose to start with a short walk in the MacDonald Rainforest in the centre of North Tambourine.

Huge trees...

With awesome buttress roots, which don't always manage to keep the tree upright.

We spied this plant on the forest floor.  I have seen plants whose leaves are spikes, and ones with spikes on the edges, but this one has spikes growing out of the leaves!  One way to protect yourself from predators.  But how would the flowers get pollinated? 

The Heritage Centre was across the road, but sadly only open on Sundays.  We skipped over the low fence and wandered around anyway.  The centre is a collection of old buildings, some brought from the surrounding country, and set up into a "village" atmosphere.  Internally they are furnished as they would have been by our pioneers.
This is the general store.
And an old petrol pump. 

Have you seen one of these?  I have.  One year when I was around 23-4 (that's ancient history.  LOL), we drove up to Queensland, and were diverted off the main road in northern NSW which was flooded, through some tiny hillside villages.  There was a pump like this in one village where we filled up.

This is an old wind mill for pumping water up.  You still see this type of wind mill all around the outback.  They are very efficient. 
This notice board was in front of the hall where the creative arts groups meet.  It caught my eye.  Isn't it lovely?
By this stage it was lunch time, and raining.  So we stopped at a café in Curtis Falls and both of us had roast pumpkin soup.  Yummmm!  Mine came with Gluten Free bread.  The number of places serving GF products now is terrific. 
After lunch we headed for Cedar Creek Falls.  Not much water in the falls - there is a drought on here at the moment.

The Falls are actually a string of cascades and rock pools.  Very pretty.

As an afterthought we popped into the Glow Worm Cave before heading back to the coast.  First thing we saw was this fellow - an Eastern Water Dragon trying to get a bit of sun on a gloomy afternoon.  He wasn't perturbed by thumping great humans coming in close for a photo opportunity.

There is a lovely pond with a gazillion wild ducks.

And water lilies.

And more water dragons.  Baby ones this time.

No photos in the Glow Worm Cave - the flash is bad for them.  The cave is man made and the talk was very informative.  So glad we decided at the last minute to go visit this.  Apparently they are only found in Australia and New Zealand.  You can find out a bit more about the worms and their habitat here.  As we walked through the cave, in total darkness, following a red light, the glow worms were glowing all around, and particularly above us.  It looked all the world like the night sky.  Truly a spectacular sight.  We were even able to get right up to the worm on the walls.  The locate themselves into crevices, and built a little "veil" of silk thread which has droplets of sticky stuff on it to trap unsuspecting insects.  The veil is so pretty with the droplets backlit by the glowing of the worm.
That's all for now.


  1. I can imagine that this trip was the best trip in your life. Mt Tambourine has so many places to visit and spend our time. Various types of natural things and birds, animals make our trip unforgettable. Thanks for sharing your best experience of your Tambourine visit.

  2. I loved seeing pictures from your trip, Dasha. My folks have visited Australia, but I never have. So interesting!

  3. That spiky plant has to be seen to be weird and wonderful! Wouldn't it be fun to meet for quilting in a heritage village? It seems they host several groups - a great idea.


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