Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sunday Wrap Up

This morning I finished quilting Catherine's quilt.  Catherine is a friend I met when I taught patchwork.  During the time I was teaching her, she started a quilt, and late last year she asked if I would complete the quilting on it. 

Catherine had begun hand quilting with white Perle 8 thread around the fans of the Dresden Plates.  She had done one and a half plates.  Here is Catherine's quilt as it arrived (lousy photo, sorry!):

I started the hand quilting way back in October, and it took forever.  The wadding was cotton, and the Perle 8 thread is thick, so it was difficult to sew with.  I have arthritis in both hands, so it was painful going.  Once that was done, I deliberated on the design to use in the rest of the quilt.  I machine quilted the rest.

The centres of the Dresden Plates I quilted with a 6 pointed star inside a circle, and then a smaller circle inside the star.  For that I made a template and marked the design with a Sewline fabric pencil.  I used a pale mauve Mettler Metroscene thread and FMQ.  Is the design clear enough to see?

That was fairly simple, but then I couldn't decide what to do in the large spaces of green between the Dresden Plates.  Eventually I decided on orange peels in a flower shape.  The long petals are 3" long, and the short ones 1.5".  For this I used a Mettler variegated rayon thread in soft greens.  I did not use a template - all I did was mark the points of petals and FMQ'd the design free hand.  You can see the hand quilting clearly in this photo.

I used the same design along the edges - just halved it.  Here you can see the saw tooth border Catherine had made.  For that, I stitched in the ditch using a walking foot (my FMQ is not good enough to stitch in the ditch), and a Robison Anton rayon thread in off white.

The corners were just quarter flowers.  I used the mauve Metroscene on the back throughout as it blended with the backing perfectly.
I finished quilting the border today, and have added the binding, so that I can hand stitch that tonight.  The binding is the same fabric as the backing, as Catherine had sent several meters of it with the quilt.
I managed to stab myself with a pin this afternoon, and I have bled all over the quilt.  Now it wouldn't be on the excess batting, or on the back, would it!  It had to be bang smack in the front on one of the pale yellow pieces.  Grrrrr.  I sponged it and managed to get it off.
Meantime I have been trying to find enough pink scraps to cut the pieces I need for the blocks I am doing for the RSC14.  It was hard finding enough variety for 88 x 2" squares and 40 x 2.5" squares.  My cutting station is a disaster area!  But I think I now have enough bits.

And I managed to piece the first of the blocks for the challenge.  This is the Scrappy Squares Block.

Now that all the pieces I need are cut, it shouldn't take too long to piece the rest of the blocks.
I am planning to link this up with the Slow Stitching Sunday link at Kathy's Quilts, when the link goes up. 
(Edited on Monday) P.S.  Here it the link to Slow Stitching Sunday
Til next time.....Keep on stitching


  1. Your quilting on the Dresden is wonderful!! I think there is a little of our DNA added to every quilt we make haha Adds to the charm of the quilt ;)

    Your pink block looks awesome!

  2. I love your quilting too-good idea to change over to machine quilting too-

  3. The quilt with the Dresden plates is so exquisite. I love the close-ups of the fabric, and your flowers. What lovely work! Good job. You are creating such beauty in fabric.

  4. Your scrappy squares block is simply luminous... love it!
    And the work you did to finish up the Dresden plate quilt is amazing!
    I loved seeing all the hand quilting beside the machine quilting... great finish!
    Enjoy stitching the binding... thanks for linking up!

  5. Cotton can be very tough to hand quilt. I think you came up with a wonderful solution. I found perle size 16 is much better for quilting. Not sure how people use size 8. There is a lot of work in cutting and stitching, but it is so much fun!

  6. Beautiful job on the dresden plate. Love how you decided to machine quilt it. Very pretty pink block too.

  7. You do some wonderful piecing and quilting. I like the variety.


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