Monday, 10 February 2014

Miss Cranky Pants & a Tea Party

I am going to start off being a Miss Cranky Pants, so if you don't want to hear me whining you had better scroll down a bit to the Tea party.

What is it with Google+??  I just love it when people take the time and effort to visit my blog, and even more so when they care to leave a comment.  That is immensely important to me - it means that somewhere out there is a lovely soul with whom I have connected.  If you leave a comment, I always, respond, or try to anyway.  I have had a lot of visits from people recently due to the links I have joined.  Invariably, the 'no-reply bloggers' have been Google+ users.  And I had one of these last night.  I feel so bad that I have not been able to respond to these comments! 

Last week, I went to a link on the Grow Your Blog party.  The link was to a Google+ blog, and I got a error which said that my Blogger profile was not authorised to go to the site.  Huh??

Yesterday, I went to a blog, again from the GYB link, and also a Google+ blog.  It was a pretty blog, and instead of the usual list of archived posts on one of the side bars, there was a fancy deal showing all the page numbers in a line at the foot of the page.  OK, I wanted the GYB post so that I could find out a bit more.  The "next" button did not work, nor did clicking on 'page 2'.  I eventually gave up in disgust.

Are you a Google+ user?  Do people complain to you that they have issues like this coming up?  Do you have issues with Google+ users yourself from Blogger or Wordpress or whatever?  I would really like to know if it is me, my computer settings or Google+ which is the issue.

Now to the fun stuff.

It has been a lovely day with comings and goings.  First off, my lovely daughter came by after a spot of dog walking, for a cup of tea.  The joy of having your daughter live nearby!  We had a nice gossip over a cuppa.

Also today, I had invited my friend Wendy for afternoon tea.  I baked a Gluten Free butter cake (its me that's GF, not Wendy), which I filled with lemon butter, and then I pulled out the best china.....

These cups are rarely used, so I thought today would be a perfect outing for them. 
Then I decided to get Miss Mouse out from the display shelf where she normally lives.  She doesn't get a work out very often either.  I was on a safe bet here, as Wendy doesn't drink coffee.  Isn't she pretty all dressed up to go to the market?

And then I went all out and got some heirloom silver out.  I even polished it!

The cake knife is a ring in.  I bought that at a market in London a couple of years ago.  But the spoons and the milk jug belonged to my grandfather's sister in the late 1800's.  You can see her initials engraved on the jug.  I have the teapot and the creamer too, but did not use them today.  Not sure where the tea strainer came from.  It is old, but is not engraved, so no clues.  I have been very lucky in that I have inherited a lot of family heirlooms, lots of which is silver.  I also know who owned most of it, which is a bonus.
So that has been my day.  Did you enjoy yours?


  1. I have trouble with google+ also. It is disappointing when someone has made the effort to comment and you cannot reply. The other thing I am having a hard time coming to grips with is when I click on google+ blog links I get their comments coming up mixed in with their post - very confusing and annoying - I thought it was just me and my laptop but maybe not!!

  2. Had no idea there was a different google!
    But I have had the not entitled messages on some blogs and also the confusion over comment box ,with other text there too, so assume this must have been on google+ blogs.
    How do you know if its a google+ before you comment anyway?

  3. Hello Dasha, Nice to meet you and thank for visiting my blog too. I hope you and Wendy had a lovely Tea today. What lovely Tea Cups you own along with the other family treasures.. I enjoyed seeing of your lovely quilts.. I hope you all are enjoying your nice warm weather while we are in the deep freeze.. It has been a very dreadful Winter here in Michigan. Hugs Judy OH, I am your newest follower

  4. First, what does it mean when you say the knife is a "ring in"? I'm not familiar with that phrase. Miss Mouse is absolutely precious!! What a gem she is.
    Now, regarding Google+. I joined about a year ago but never did more with it b/c I found it new and difficult to navigate it. Also ... the first time I tried to use it, I went to a page and it showed me a very vile photo, first thing! So I clicked off that page and NEVER used it again. I like my Blogger just fine, and don't want to switch over. But, I do imagine that Google is so big and powerful that eventually we'll all be forced somehow to switch over and use it. Oh well!
    About the "no-reply-blogger' thing -- I also hate it when my blog commenters can't be replied to, via email. It's sad. But I have close bloggy friends who have that status. I think it is because they have never entered their email address into the correct place in their blogger settings. So they can't get replies that way. I wish every commenter could be replied to as easily as most can.

  5. Oh, I absolutely love your Miss Mouse! If I lived closer, I'd come and have tea with you!


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