Friday, 7 February 2014

Friday Quilters and a Finish

If you are here on a visit from the Grow Your Blog Party - my post for that is here.

That has been such a fun thing to do!  There are something like 600 blogs registered for that, and I have visited a heap of them.  It has been fun to meet people from all over the globe, and from my perspective it has been hugely successful.  Traffic on my blog has increased dramatically (that's great!); I am now getting more comments on my posts (terrific - I am not waffling on to myself); and best of all, my followers have increased threefold (Wow!  Thanks to all of you lovely people).  For my part, I have followed lots of new blogs, and got heaps of inspiration.  There are simply not enough hours in the day.

Yesterday was a Stitching Hearts day, and if you feel like a bit of eye candy, take a look at the post.  There were a huge number of quilts brought in, and I took photos of all of them.  There was a freight train broken down between Woy Woy and Gosford, yet again, which caused delays for hours.  Just what you need on the way home.

This morning was my usual sewing day with the Friday Quilters, and I put the final borders on Blue Cheddar.  Absolutely tickled with that quilt.

Do you save your thread spools?  I started doing that years ago, because a friend used them at the crèche where she worked.  She no longer needs them, but I still save them up.  (Why do I do that??)  Anyway, I chucked a heap of them a couple of weeks ago.  This is the pile I had:

That got me wondering.  How many spools of thread do I use in a year?  So just for fun, I threw that lot out, and decided to keep spools for 6 months to see how many I use.  I already have four empties from the month of January.
The month of February for the RSC14 is pink - the darker ones, as the baby pinks will be later during the year.  I ratted through my pre-cuts the other day to select the pinks I need to make the various blocks I am doing for that (you can see my progress on the page "completed in 2014".  At the end of it all, I am hoping for 4 separate lap quilts which will be donated to Stitching Hearts.)  My collection of pink 2" squares is miserable. I shall have to cut a lot of those to complete my projects.  (And pirate a few scraps from friends too)

Tonight I am planning to join in to Friday Night with Friends at Gone Stitchin' for the first time.  Why not join in?

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. I love your Blue Cheddar quilt. Nice.

  2. Your Blue Cheddar is awesome! I love the colors. Hmmm....spools of thread? I wonder too? Interesting.

  3. Your blue cheddar turned out so lovely. I only keep empty wooden spools, b/c I don't think many companies make them anymore, and they look so neat. Recently I needed some plain white thread, and could not find ANY white thread in the house at all. Can you imagine? I think my teenaged daughter had lost it. We certainly don't use much thread, I'm sorry to say. Keep stitchin' :)

  4. I love your blue cheddar quilt, beautiful.

  5. Your cheddar quilt looks fantastic. I don't save my spools, it is a great idea though just for curiosity sake.


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