Thursday, 13 February 2014

Broken Dishes completed

Hello.  How is everyone this fine afternoon?  Hot and dry here.  We need rain desperately.  My poor garden is gasping and we have lost a few things.  All of them natives.

I took my Broken Dishes quilt top outside to photograph as it is quite hazy at the moment.  Couldn't do that if the sun was out as the colours would all be washed out.  You can see how bad the grass is in this photo.

It is difficult to see on the grass background, but the border I chose was a dark green fabric with a cabbage rose print.  I think I have just enough at a stretch to bind it in that too. 
I cut the very last strip for the border 1/4" too narrow.  So what does a girl do?  There was a strip that varied in width from 1/4" to 1/2" wide left over from that fabric, so I couldn't recut the last border strip.  I ended up skimping on the seam allowance on the narrow piece of border, and the other side of it is now 1/8" narrower than its' mates.  Oh well, the binding will hide that. 
I also wanted to show you the pink Road to Oklahoma blocks I have made for this months RSC.  I am so loving this block!  There are at least 3 designs in that block - squares, stars and "roads".

Tibby was very interested in the proceedings.  She wedged herself onto the Mondo grass, and observed me cavorting around trying to battle the breeze while taking photos, much to the consternation of the Noisy Miners.  They were dive bombing her and shrieking til I waved at them to leave her alone. 
"You aren't taking another photo Mum!"

"Nope.  Refuse to look up"

"I said I wasn't going to pose this time!"

"Oh. Won't you just Go. Away..."

I have been going through some more books for the Lets Book it Challenge at Vrooman's Quilts.  My choice for this month is from this book:

"Quick Colourful Quilts for Beds" by Rosemary Wilkinson.  I had great plans to make heaps of stuff when I bought the book, but guess what?  It has sat on my shelf for years!  This is the project I have chosen to do:
"Squares & Stars" designed by Alison Wood.  You can rest assured though that my quilt will look nothing like that.  I simply don't do 1930s Reproduction fabrics. 
Now I have bored you all witless with my descriptions of the humongous bag of scraps given to me by Jan-Maree who runs Aussie Hero Quilts.  If you are a new follower or have forgotten (we can't have you forget can we), I blogged about it here and here.  And, just in case you are interested; No, I haven't completely finished chopping those scraps.  Anyway.  There are a gazillion 3" squares, which I have been merrily using all over the place (such as in the quilt "The Colour Brown"), but there are still a gazillion and one hanging about.  So I plan to use the greens.  Here is the pile of green 3" squares.

Not sure what colour I will do the stars - possibly yellow, or perhaps purple.  I will do the sashing in white.   It will be a lap quilt for Stitching Hearts.  I will also use this quilt as my project for the NewFO challenge.
I am really enjoying these challenges.  They are directing my creativity along slightly more structured paths, they are making me think and plan before creating things and the deadlines are ensuring I stay focused.  And they are fun.
This afternoon I need to prep a new project I can do by hand.  We are off to Queensland for a week to play bridge in the Gold Coast Congress, and although it will be a busy week, there will be bits of down time, so I'd like to have something to work on.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. You have a delightful blog! I'll just have to follow it! Love your Road to Oklahoma blocks, especially because I live in Oklahoma! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope to get to know you! Cheery wave! Oh, btw, LOVE your kitty!

  2. Your kitty is so cute, Dasha :) I'm sorry you all are so dry there - we've had so much rain, and even snow. Our ground is squishy and waterlogged! May God send you rain soon, a nice slow rain to soak the ground. The quilt is very pretty, of course! You do such nice work.

  3. Love the quilt and the new blocks. Good luck with the new quilt. I'll send some of our rain over for you, half of the UK is under flood water at the moment there's been so much xx


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