Monday, 24 February 2014


We flew into the Gold Coast on Saturday evening, and are staying in the Meriton at Broadbeach. 

The Gold Coast is a stretch of coastline about 25km long, which goes from Coolangatta at the extreme south very close to the NSW border, to Southport in the north.  It is roughly an hour to Brisbane from here.  Broadbeach to closer to the northern end and is a huge holiday destination.  The development hugs the coast, and is bounded to the west by part of the Great Dividing Range. (The Great Dividing Range runs along the eastern coastline all the way from the very northern tip of Queensland all the way down to the south of Victoria)

We come each year to play in the Gold Coast Bridge Congress.  It is huge - this year there are 196 teams in the Open section, besides which there are the Seniors, Intermediate, Restricted and Novice teams, which add another 227 teams.  Times that by 4 and you are talking over 1600 players!

We are in a high rise, on the 25th floor.  Stunning views in all directions.  This is Jupiter's Casino and the view west from our bedroom.

Scary looking down from the window - its a loooong way down to the ground! Surprisingly, the windows open.

Looking east from the balcony which opens out from our living area:

It was a fine day yesterday, but windy.  We wandered down to the beach, but the water was choppy and although the beach was not closed it had the "swim with caution" flags up.  I was not brave enough to go in.  This is the closest beach to us looking north.

and south....

Since the beach wasn't very nice to sit on because of the wind, we decided to walk along the beachfront path.  This path is a favourite for all, and runs quite a few kilometres.  Beach is to the left, just beyond the fence you can just make out.  On the right is a fabulous kids playground.  This one had a mock sandcastle complete with ramparts and crenelations, perfect for clambering on and make believe.

The next children's playground had this pedal train which ran on a rail.  That's yours truly helping a small companion whose legs were not quite long enough to reach the pedals.  Couldn't resist it, it was great fun!  They didn't make playgrounds like this when I was young.  We had to make do with a metal swing, a slippery slide, and an occasional round about.

On the way back I snapped a shot of the Meriton - the double towers in the back ground, dwarfed by these more modern high rises.

More when I get a chance.


  1. Some very scenic photos there and the weather looks perfect.

  2. I love that you jumped on the pedal train and had fun with it! What a beautiful walk.


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