Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Bits of This & That

First of all, I have received confirmation that Kerrie has received the Give-Away parcel I have sent her, which means that I can reveal what the surprise I put in with the mug.  2 Fat Quarters of Australiana print.  Both are of eucalyptus blossoms.
The other thing I have forgotten to show you are the Jacobs Ladder blocks I made for the Rainbow Scrap challenge just in time to before the colour changed in February.

Next I worked on the Pin Wheels, and have completed the top.  Here it is just before I attached the last row. 

Now I am struggling with choices for the final border - I want to put a narrow border all around to "finish" it off.  The problem is that I found the perfect colour fabric, but I don't have nearly enough of it.  Having found that, nothing else will do, will it.  Boo Hisss.  Tantrum.  I now have a green and a red fabric and I can't make a decision.  As its a quilt for Stitching Hearts, I really don't want to go buy anything for it.  I was hoping to take it down this coming Thursday completed, but maybe I will take it as is and see if any of the fabrics in the cupboard take my fancy.

In disgust, I picked up Blue Cheddar to work on.  I have pieced some borders from 4-patches made with 2" squares.  The borders have used up 228 x 2" squares.  Woo Hoo!  Added to that, I have used a lot up in the RSC blocks I have made.  Here is my 2" square zip lock bag - large size.  Before I started on this, it was so full, I could not close it.

Here is Blue Cheddar waiting for the fourth border to be added.  Planning to do that today.  Then there will be another round of the cheddar.  I am liking it more and more.

And here is a detail of the border, at one of the corners.

Summer is definitely the time of uninvited guests.  This one turned up at our back door a couple of months ago:
A Diamond Python (non-venomous) which I told you about here.  If you are that way inclined, you can read a bit more about it on the Reptile Park website. Thankfully this was on the other side of the glass sliding door.   However, this little job, which is probably it's baby, we found IN the kitchen late one afternoon last week.
I think Tibby may have brought it in as a trophy, but who knows.  It was pretty agitated.  We captured it by covering with a large plastic container, and then I made the Dearly Beloved take it to the bushland on the waterfront.  We have seen little hatchlings in the garden at this time of the year before, but this is the first time one has come indoors.

At 3.30am on Sunday morning, I was woken by thundering and crashing in the house.  Now I am deaf as a post, and for the noise to waken me, it must have been loud.  The voice from the deep muttered something about "mouse", so up I got to investigate.  I found Tibby chasing a mouse, but I was not quick enough to capture it, so it dashed into the TV cabinet.  This is the second Mouse in the House in a couple of weeks, so I went off yesterday and bought a mouse friendly trap - it doesn't kill them, just traps them.  But of course the mouse was not fooled last night.  We shall see if it works.

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. Love the border on your Cheddar and Blue quilt. Hope you find something you like as the border for the first quilt. I hate it when you find the perfect fabric, then don't have enough.

  2. Love seeing your quilt progress! The cheddar and blue one is looking great with the new border. Funny how you can get your heart set on a certain color or fabric and nothing else will do.:)

  3. Your patchwork is lovely, I know that feeling when you find the perfect fabric for a border etc and there is not enough..I did hear that snakes follow the scent of mice, so it makes perfect sense if you've had a mouse inside that you would end up with a snake too.

  4. I absolutely love the broken dishes! The blue & cheddar appeals to me too though I'd have to source some cheddar because I don't have much of it. Now the snake, whole other ball of wax. I know they are generally more scared of us but they still scare me. :-)

  5. Love that little pieces border, sucha great use of scraps.
    The blue and cheddar is a delight too.
    Gosh both snakes and mice in the house lol .........Id be nervous of leaving the back door open forever more lol but then with a cat in the house - they can bring home all manner of friends! Good luck with that : )

  6. Hi, good to 'meet' you , following you by email

  7. Oh, goodness, Dasha! Mice AND snakes! -- eek, I would be frazzled for sure. Snakes really terrify me, and you sound so calm! Esp. a snake in the house. At our last home, we had some snakes around for some reason -- two copperheads (ugh!), which are poisonous. Glad we've had no snakes here at our new home yet.

    On to prettier subjects! Your two quilts here are so very nice. You do beautiful work. I really like the blue and yellow together, and the pieces edge. About the other border -- would it work to use one color on the top/bottom border, and a second color on the two sides? Just a thought -- b/c then you could perhaps use the color you love. I'm sure it will turn out beautiful whatever solution you decide to use. Keep those reptiles at bay!!!


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