Saturday, 22 February 2014

A Week in Review

This week has vanished at the speed of light, yet I can't really say that I have done much.

Monday was the Dearly Beloved's birthday, but we actually celebrated it on Sunday night.  The family came over and we had a good old Aussie roast lamb dinner, followed by a pavlova dessert/cake brought by my daughter.

It was a splendiferous Pavlova.  It was an absolute hoot, because the candle we put on it was a "singing" candle which played an appalling rendition of "Happy Birthday".  We all broke up into gales of laughter.
And now for a proud Grandma moment.  Here is the birthday card made by Miss10 - sketched, not traced.
I would also like you to meet "Evening in a Summer Garden Maze".  The weather has been dull and raining, so photo opportunities were few and far between this week.

There were lots of suggestions for a name:
Bouquet of Stars, Garden if Stars, Maze of Stars, Autumn Garden, Summer Garden Stars, Starry Garden, Spring Garden,  Midnight Garden, Evening Garden, Stars in the Garden, Starry Night, Evening Stars.
Thank you everyone who took the time to leave me a message.
I liked the word maze, which reminded me of the centre. Garden featured heavily and so did night/evening.  So I amalgamated several of these suggestions to make up "Summer Evening in a Garden Maze".
Border detail:
I made a huge mistake in this quilt.  I often used to use a lead pencil when marking applique designs, which generally works OK if you are following a pattern, but I modified this design heavily, so the pattern didn't really work, and I mad a big mistake in one of the corners.  Now I don't know if the pencil lines will come out in the wash. 
The outer border is the same green as in the centre.  Look how it blends with the foliage of the Pencil Pine.

The quilt originated as a class in 2008 with Karen Cunningham at my not so local LQS, Blueberries. I was a bit sick of creating quick, quick charity quilts and needed something with a bit of a challenge.  Here is a photo of Karen's sample quilt "English Autumn".

Gorgeous quilt!  But I wanted to use the fabrics in my stash, and my fabrics are all much darker than these.  So that was the first modification.  I soon realised that I had Buckleys of finishing a hand pieced queen sized quilt, so being practical, I made modification No. 2 - made it much smaller with the intention of having a single bed quilt.  That of course meant that none of Karen's pattern for the applique fitted, so then came modification No. 3 - realigning all the applique.  Then I made modification No. 4 - the outer pieced border.  And modification No. 5 is that I sewed the straight border on by machine.  So my end result is totally different from Karen's.  I do love the end result.  I am aiming to enter it into the Central Coast Quilt Show which is scheduled for the end of April.
A couple of weeks ago, while in town, I visited Tapestry Craft in York Street.  It was basically the first craft shop I ever went to some 35 years ago.  The business is now Morris & Sons, but the signage is still there.  It has an enormous range of knitting wool and embroidery supplies, and while there I was very tempted to buy a cross stitch.  I did resist though, as I knew I had at least one kit at home.  This last week, in ferreting through the dimmest darkest depths of the craft cupboard, I found this:
Isn't it sweet?  I can't remember buying it, so I probably didn't.  My daughter has made 2 of these, which are in my hallway, so perhaps she bought it?  It may also have been amongst one of the many donations I receive for the charity group.  But of course we can't use a cross stitch, so I would have kept it.  Who cares!  I have opened it and begun it. 
Not much there at present, but it will eventually join it's two mates in the hallway.
We are off in an hour or so for a week to Queensland to play in the Gold Coast Bridge Congress, which we do every year.  We have taken Tibby to the cat boarding kennel we use this morning.  Had to endure the most heart rending, soulful meowing you have ever heard!  It is NOT what you want to hear when you are taking your beloved animal to the boarding kennel!
Catch you in a week or so.  I may manage to do a blog post while we are away, but the week is usually pretty full on. 
So til then.....Keep on stitching


  1. Greetings Dasha -- I stopped by to say hello and just love "Evening in a Summer Garden Maze" -- it is delightful! You've done a fantastic job on it - isn't it fun to complete such a piece ? Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier this week -- I really appreciate it. Can't wait to see this quilted! Karen

  2. Nice title, nice quilt; the green borders really pull it all together and the pieced star border is a good addition. I wondered last week where the original title, "English Autumn" came from, so thanks for the picture: Royal Albert! I prefer your version.

  3. The pavlova cake is gorgeous! I've only eaten that one time -- so delicious. And your granddaughter is clearly a budding artist! She should stick with it. That pelican is delightful. Your quilt! Is it okay to say I'm a bit jealous? :) I know it is so much work. I do think the middle section with all the vines is my very favorite. Such lovely work, and i know it will be a joy to you and your family for many years.


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