Monday, 27 January 2014

Slow Stitching Sunday on Monday

I have been totally out of whack this week because I joined the Grow Your Blog link up which Vicky has organised.  From my point of view it was great fun - I have visited a lot of blogs, and have "met" a lot of lovely people.  My followers have also doubled.  Woo Hoo!  Thank you all for joining in with me.

It's always a stress to link up with a blog which is organised on the other side of the world, because of the time differences, and this week because of the GYBP I am writing this on Monday, instead of Sunday.  But it will still work, because I think its still Sunday in the US.  Complicated??  You betcha!

I want to link up this week with the Slow Stitching Sunday link at Kathy's Quilts, and so I am going to introduce you to my VERY slow stitching project. 

It was a donation to the Stitching Hearts eons ago.  A hand pieced (not EPP) hexagon quilt with 8 completed rosettes, one half finished one and pile of the fabrics - enough to finish the project. 

It sat in the cupboard for ages, with me desperately hoping someone else would pick it up to finish it.  Not a chance!  I hate wasting fabric!  And the thought of chucking what has taken someone a long time to do, albeit unfinished, just grates with me.  So it finally came home with me some time mid year last year.
My trusty helper insisted on helping me lay out the blocks of course, tee hee hee. 

Most the of rosettes had been pieced together, with a lot of the green connecting hexies not yet added.
Since then, in between other things, I have completed all the rosettes, and pieced them all together. 

As you can see on the lower edge, the edges looked "chewed", when I finally got all the rosettes put together, and the sides were heaps worse.  So I downloaded a hexagon planning page from (what a find!) and planned out some filler bits to go around the edges to square it up a bit.
As you can see, they are weird shapes! 
Last night I fitted in the last of the larger filler sections in the top of the border above, and finished piecing it in.  I now only have 2 more side ones to do to fill in the gaps along one side. 
So that has been my slow stitching for many months, most nights, not just on Sundays, in front of the TV.  Needless to say, if there has been something else to do, I have not wasted time picking it up.  LOL.
I have 3 minutes to link up at with the Slow Stitching Sunday link before it is Monday in New York!
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. wow! I can't believe how much work has gone into this, it's going to be wonderful when it's finished. Will you hand quilt it too?

  2. That's very nice, Dasha -- good work. It's hard to pick up someone's old unfinished project, but it can be rewarding. I've done that twice this past year with unfinished crochet projects, done by women who had died. It was meaningful to start at their last stitch and work on it for the families who still missed them.

  3. What an amazing UFO rescue! This quilt was lucky to have found you! You are doing an amazing job!
    Thanks for linking up and hope your enjoyed your Slow Sunday Stitching!

  4. What a beautiful project and perfect for hand stitching on Sunday!

  5. It looks beautiful. You helped it realize its potential.

  6. Awesome job you are doing on this rescue quilt and what a find! I wonder what the history of the quilt was, but you are now helping to write that history. Great job.

  7. Hi Dasha, I am returning the favor for stopping by my blog, (Easy Street Ramblings), during the GYB Party event. I am so glad that we were able to connect because I have a hand pieced hexagon quilt top that my Great Grandma had started and had not finished. One side has the chewed look to it and seeing how you have worked around this will help me complete the quilt top I have especially since the fabrics were from the 30s and 40s. Have a great day!

  8. Loving all the different blogs on this Grow Your Blog hop. Your hexies are lovely and I adore the green you choose as a solid contrast. It's really beautiful. I will check back with you and watch the different projects you are working on. I love quilting...


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