Friday, 17 January 2014

Busy week

Just a quick post after a few very busy days.

Thank you to all the people who have left lovely comments on the Give Away post.  I have enjoyed reading about the birds who visit you, and to learn a bit more about them.  There is still time to enter that.  Remember, if you are an email follower, send me an email to enter.

I have had two trips to Sydney - on Tuesday to work and yesterday was the first day back at Stitching Hearts.  Both days were long and tiring.  Lovely to see everyone again after our holiday break.  Not much sewing done as we were all too busy catching up.  But we did discuss who we should support next.  On the way home, Jan and I stopped at Craft Depot.  Nothing exciting purchased, for me anyway, just some homespun.

Today I took Miss 10 to Friday Quilters.  She wanted to make a wall organiser from a pattern by Ikea.  I modified it because the pockets were a whopping 13" square finished!  Forgot to take photos, silly me.  We I got most of it cut out, while she sewed the pockets.

On the way home I stopped to do the groceries.  I was lucky to find a car space at the back of the car park in the shade, and look who was in the shrubbery eyeing me off cautiously.

Can you see him?  He is to the left of the word "here", very well camouflaged in the dappled sunlight amongst the leaf litter.  He is an Eastern Water Dragon, and you can read a bit more about him here.  The photo is not the best, as I took it with my phone, and he was very wary of me, so I could not get up close to him.  I don't think he is fully grown as he was only about maybe 15" long.  Adult males can grow to over 3 foot long, and females a little less.

Very blessed to be able to see such lovely wildlife in the local shopping centre!

And our new dishwasher arrived this afternoon.  Woo Hoo!!!

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.

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