Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Borders are on the way

Yesterday the family came for a birthday afternoon tea.  They came armed with gifts and cake and fruit and other goodies.  Here we are for the obligatory photo.  Thankfully this year it isn't one of me with puffed cheeks blowing out a gazillion candles.  LOL

After filling up, the girls all headed for the spare room where the toys are.  Its a long time since they have played with the toys I have, and its just as well I haven't given them all away.  They had the chalkboard up and the little chairs ranged around it.  Miss 12 was the teacher, the others the pupils, and she was setting them Maths tests.  Precious!
One of my gifts was a bundle of orange fat quarters.

A couple of weeks ago I was looking for some orange fabric, and realised I had none.  I actually bought some yardage for a project the other day at Craft Depot, and was surprised at how drawn I am to orange.  How does that work?  Years of quilting, and avoiding orange, then suddenly I want every orange fabric I lay my eyes on.
Yesterday I saw Mother Duck with 6 little ducklings puttering around across the road.  They had ventured out from the waterfront for the first time.  She was too far away and when I tried to approach her for a photo she took off quick smart with babies in tow.  Today I saw her again, and this time I zoomed the camera as far as it would go to take these photos.
Babies in a huddle having a snooze, and she has her head up on guard.

And then they scattered foraging for food in the grass.  Aren't they just too cute? 

I finally got the border on the Hand Made Quilt.  I can't keep calling it that - got any suggestions as to what I should name it?  The original is called English Autumn, but I can't call it that as it is radically different from the original pattern.
I have pieced two of the pieced borders - top and bottom.  Here is one ready to go onto the quilt top. 

The pieced borders were still too long, despite much figuring and roping in of my Dearly Beloved (the DB has an honours degree in Maths from Oxford).  So I unpicked the middle seam and took off a quarter inch on the two blocks, and resewed that seam.  Looks OK I think.

This afternoon my DB & I went to see The Book Thief.  I really enjoyed the film, despite it being quite sad.  I really can't imagine why it has had such poor reviews.  Have you seen it?  What did you think?
And tonight I am babysitting.  So I have brought my machine and am going to try and get some of the sashing on the Broken Dishes blocks I have been piecing.  With a bit of luck I will have some photos next time.
Til next time.....Keep on stitching.

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