Friday, 31 January 2014

Book It & NewFO Challenges

Are you doing the Lets Book It Challenge that Sharon is running at Vrooman's  Quilts?
All you have to do is open a long forgotten book and make something from it.  There is a link at the end of every month so that you can show off your prowess with the needle, and to see everyone else's of course.  The first link will appear on 31 January, which will actually be 1 February here.
Well that sounded pretty good to me as I have a shelf or two, or three, groaning with books from which I have never made a thing.  I chose three books from my shelf a couple of weeks ago to browse for inspiration.  One went straight to the charity shop - I can't imagine what was in that book I might ever have wanted to make.  The second book has lots in it I would like to make one day, but they all rely heavily on me purchasing more fabric, and I am on a miser's mission at the moment.  I need to use my stash.  So that book went back on the shelf for another time.
Then I found this book.....
Bright and Beautiful Quilts by Patchwork & Quilting, published in 2000.  If my memory serves me right I got it as a freebie gift when I subscribed to that magazine eons ago.  Not sure if you can still buy it now.
And here is the quilt which inspired me....

The pattern is called "Harlequin", and it is by Michelle Marvig.
Now I haven't made it quite like that.  Why aren't you surprised?  I actually had a bucketful of 4-patches made with 3.5" squares, and another bucketful of 4-patches made up from 2" squares.  Both lots made as leader/ender projects ages ago, and both looking for some inspiration to hit me on how to use them.
So off I went last week and bought some cheddar tone on tone fabric.  Should probably have gone with my gut instinct and bought orange, but this seemed OK at the time.  Besides, I have never, ever used orange fabric in all the years I have been sewing and I was scared witless at the thought of buying some.  LOL.  Chopped the sashing strips and laid them out on my design board, also known as the floor of my work room that night. 

While piecing the 4-patches months ago I was actually angling for a "man" quilt for Stitching Hearts, so I used blues, greens, some dull reds and a few browns.  The cheddar really lifted these colours, while still keeping to the original "man" look.  The on-point layout gives it quite a different look.
There is a moral to the story of my "design wall".  Don't leave the door open on a breezy day.  LOL

It has come together very quickly and here it is waiting for some borders.

Now it is confession time.  The pattern called for you to piece the triangles on the edges separately, but hey!  I am using up my scraps, and I already had the 4-patches pieced, so I just chopped the ones on the edges to the appropriate size after I had finished sewing the rows together.  Doesn't look half bad, and I hadn't told you, no one would have known.
Back a couple of weeks or so ago, I also decided to do the NewFO Challenge that Barbara runs at Cat Patches.   (There is a sweet little button on the right side bar)  The two challenges actually dovetail quite nicely.
Now this is a simple challenge too.  All that is required of you is to start a new project, no obligation to finish it!  Too simple.  And suits my style of quilting - a 1001 UFOs which I then have to work on diligently to complete. 
I have failed though.  The project I chose is complete.......
Perhaps next month I should try a little harder to end up with a UFO.  If you want to know a little more about this project, I originally blogged about it here.
When the US catches up to us, and the calendar over there ticks over to the 31st, I will link this up to the Lets Book It and the NewFO linkys.  Why not pop over to take a look at what other people are working on?
Meantime.....Keep on stitching


  1. A shame about the wind disturbing your layout, but in the end it was absolutely beautiful! Well done yet again!

  2. Oh you are after my own heart!! Scrappy and use up what you have AND you can't go wrong with a 4-patch. There is no problem with me in using those patches for the settings and trimming. And I love your little bag for NewFO. I tend to finish mine too and that is OK too. Thank you for linking up.

  3. Nice to come and visit with you from NE Vic! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your sewing looks fabulous!
    Hugs Sharm &

  4. i love the little pouch or bag. so cute. love the colors. ( ;

  5. The quilt is turning out great and I LOVE the bag! Gorgeous colors!

  6. Love your adaptation of the pattern to suit what you have on-hand!

  7. Sweet way to use up some of those scrappy blocks on hand! and using them for the setting triangles...brilliant! Sweet bag, I may have to check into some patterns for such things.

  8. I like the idea of using books we've forgotten about. "Let's Book It" is a great idea, and your quilt is pretty as can be. I had to study the original pattern a bit to figure out what you did differently. Same idea, different parts. Very clever!

  9. What a fun quilt. I would have chopped off the blocks as well, The cheddar worked out perfectly.

  10. Gosh, the bag is so pretty, and that cheddar looks great with your scrappy blues. :)

  11. The quilt top is lovely and, no, I wouldn't have guessed that you didn't make the side triangles new for this! LOL I like your bag too - great colors. :D

  12. Cute quilt! And I love the pouch. The colors are lovely.

  13. That Japanese Lunch Bag is really cute! Love the colors you picked!

  14. I would hardly call that a failure. Great work, and a great job for the month.

  15. Love the cheddar and blue. What a great way to use up what you already had.

  16. That was a great way to use what you already had. Most of my January projects were finishes, too!

    Nan Brown

  17. You're so funny -- FAILURE by finishing a project! The bag is very lovely. You do such nice work. MK


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