Friday, 6 December 2013

This Week's Roundup

This week has been slightly out of control.  I try to have at least two full days at home to do those boring things like shopping and housework and catch up on bills etc., and of course a bit of sewing, but this week hasn't worked out that way.  I seem to have chased my tail all week.
I am going to start off this post with a huge Hi 5 for my friend Di.  She is a big help to me and a total inspiration.  A working mum of 4, she still finds time to teach a class for some ladies who have few advantages, and she also produces some awe inspiring work.
She brought this little wall hanging in to Friday Quilters show us last Friday:



She used Hand dyed Radiance fabric, a variety of threads, beading, wool batting, & cotton backing.  All the work was done on an antique Singer 201 straight stitch machine. 
Absolutely awesome!  See why she inspires me??

On Wednesday I went off to my local shopping mall for some Christmas presents (failed), but along the way I found these:

Santa's Reindeers.  So cute I just loved them - I want one Mum!
I managed to piece the backing for Carl's Quilt.  I first blogged about that here and here.
I constructed a double row of pin wheels to match the ones I did for the outer border on the quilt, as I wanted to use up as much of the fabrics I had used on the quilt top as possible, so I wouldn't have too many scraps left over.  It was initially only going to be one row of pin wheels, but then there seemed to be so much of the fabric left over that I did another row.  There's still stacks of fabric!  The mid-blue accent was thrown in to give a bit of contrast and interest.  I like the end result.

But I failed the Maths!  I had made the whole panel 66" long, and then realised that was the length of the quilt, and that I should have made the backing longer.  Quick scrabble, and I added a 3" strip on each end of the panel using the main backing fabric, to bring it to size.  No one would have known except that I have let the cat out of the bag.....
I took it to Friday Quilters this morning to be pinned.  We have lovely long trestle tables there, so we pushed three of them together and Jan helped me pin.  Someone asked why the panel was off centre.  And that is just so that I don't have the worry of centring the quilt on it.  Why make life difficult?
I do like piecing the backings.  I picked that up at sewing days at Aussie Hero Quilts.  Jan-Maree likes what she calls a GT stripe stitched into the backing of a quilt.  It serves to widen the backing to the right width, and saves on fabrics too as you don't need to cut two lengths of the backing.  I have taken that a little further, and my GT stripes are pieced.  Here is what I did for Verna's Garden: 
You can read a bit more about that here and here
Also during the week, I managed to finish the last two sides of the final border on the Red Quilt.  It is all a bit red, but I think I like it.



I found some bits of red polka dot fabric, all different sized dots, and not one piece big enough for the backing, so I pieced it.  This photo has blurred the red panel in the centre left, but it actually has tiny red dots on it.  So all those fabrics are now out of my cupboard.

I took it with me to Stitching Hearts yesterday and two of the lovely ladies there pinned it.  That is Colleen on the left and Jan on the right.  It is now ready for quilting by someone.  I have too much on before Christmas, so I haven't taken it to do. 

 It will go in the pile of completed quilts for our next donation.  Did I tell you that we had just completed and donated 80 quilts for the Minnamurra Nursing home?  They are to be distributed at Christmas.
Also this week I parcelled up and posted my Santa Sack Swap box to my swap buddy Lynda.  Got an email today to say that she has received it.  Jolly glad as its a week since it was posted, and I was beginning to worry that it was lost.   All done.  Can't wait to get mine so that I can take a peek.  No.  Seriously, I am going to be a good little Vegemite and keep it until the official opening day.
I've linked this post up with the Fresh Sewing Day linky at Lily's Quilts and Friday Night with Friends for the first time ever. 

Why not pop on over and take a look at some of the other inspiring things people have done this month?

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  1. The backs and front are all looking great. How wonderful to have help in the pinning - and siting at a table too. I do my basting on the floor, with needle and thread (least favourite part of quilting). Love the reindeers!


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