Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sunday Sewing

Today has been the first day in a week since I had time to sit at the sewing machine and play with fabric.  I've had a bad case of withdrawal symptoms I can tell you! 

The hectic busyness of the Christmas Season is honestly getting more and more busy as the years go on!  Having said that, everything I normally do during the year is finished for at least 5 weeks, and I have almost all the preparations for Christmas done.  I am waiting on two gifts I've bought on-line, and I need to wrap some of the ones that are already hidden away.  Organised!

So what did I do today?  It has been a hot and humid day, and perfect for hiding downstairs, which is the coolest part of the house.  I got stuck into a school uniform for my youngest grand daughter's doll, which is a replica of the one she wears.  

I was fortunate in having an old uniform which I cut up for the project.  It was very faded, so I have used the reverse of the fabric, not that anyone would have known it.  This is what I made:

And this is what the real thing looks like (not the one in the middle obviously!):

I had to do a lot of modifications and combine two different patterns to achieve what I needed.  The basic pattern for the bodice was from a tutorial here

But I needed to add a collar, drop the waist and add a faux belt to that.  For the uniform I used the skirt pattern from a great tutorial here because it has the same style of pleats in it as the uniform has.  Wasn't that lucky? 

I used that pattern to make this for middle grand daughter's doll for her birthday last year:

This last pattern is terrific - it is beautifully finished and fits really well.  In case you were wondering, this is the same doll modelling the school uniform.  I am dead pleased with the end result.

I knitted a red jumper for the doll a while ago, and bought some black pumps for school shoes.  So that will complete the doll's school uniform and will be Miss 7's Christmas present.

'Til next time.....Keep on stitching.

Edited Monday 16th: 
I have just linked this post up to Slow Stitching Sunday at Kathy's Quilts.  We are ahead of the US timewise, so I could not do that at the time I posted this.  Would be great if you went on over to take a look at some of the other links.


  1. How sweet that her doll will have a uniform to match her own.

  2. Such beautiful clothes...great job!
    Thanks for linking up!


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