Thursday, 26 December 2013

Santa Sack Swap - My Booty

In my last post I blogged about all the things I made for my swap buddy Lynda for the Santa Sack Swap.  So now I will show you what the lovely lady sent me.

Here it all is the day I received it:

I managed to restrain myself from opening any of the gifts until Christmas Day.

The tote.  I blogged about that here:

This is what it looked like after I had ripped all the paper off!

First there was a block roll for laying out, storing and transporting blocks while they are being pieced.  It is made of plastic backed fabric and has flannel on the interior so the pieces won't flop off.  It is quite large when unrolled too, so I should be able to stack a couple of 12" blocks on it easily.  Brilliant!

I actually use a plastic backed tablecloth which is lined with flannel as a design board and it works a treat, so this should be perfect.
A pin cushion made out of woollen fabrics in country colours and a box of Lindt chocolate hearts.  How did Lynda guess that Lindt Milk Chocolate is my all time fave?

A little pouch in the prettiest pink florals.  This little guy has a zippered pocket, one large and two smaller slide in pockets, and is embellished with a tiny little sewing machine.

When I first saw this little pouch rolled up I thought it was a jewellery travel bag.  But the sewing machine embellishment makes me think it is intended as a sewing tote.  I might still use it as a jewellery roll as I travel a bit and could do with one of those, and this will be perfect for that.  Do you mind Lynda?

Whatever I use it for, I think this is so pretty, and it is beautifully made.
Next up was for me the piece de resistance.  A lovely table runner.  Love it, love it, love it!  Love the elongated hexie shape and the colours too.

It has gone straight to my side board in pride of place under my antique Sessions clock in the family room.  Doesn't it look super there?

The side board has a mirror at the back and I had to work very hard not to get my reflection in the photo!
And last, but not least, a printed panel with instructions for making a sunglass case, and a large and small cosmetic purse.  I will have fun with those I am sure. 

I consider myself lucky to have had such a nice partner this year.  It is so much a luck of the draw who you are partnered with, and there is always the chance you won't like the gifts.  Not me!  Thank you Lynda for the lovely gifts.  Hope we keep in touch and maybe meet up one day soon.

I've linked up with the linky party here - that's where you can go to see all the other yummy things which have been made for the swap

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. You have been given some gorgeous things. Happy New year! Jille x

  2. Lovely gifts to be sure! The table runner is very lovely.


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