Saturday, 28 December 2013

Quiet Sewing

The Christmas Holiday period is a terrible time to take off somewhere because not only is it the Holiday period, but it is also the summer holidays.  So the traffic on the roads is bad and all accommodation is triple the price of later in the summer.  We had friends come up from Sydney for lunch yesterday and it took them over an hour to get out of Sydney, instead of about 20 minutes.

So the cricket test match is on upstairs with the Dearly Beloved (DB) glued to it and I am downstairs happily sewing.

In the past couple of days I have finished the Orphan Block quilt top, and pieced its backing.  It is now ready to go to Cabarita for pinning.  I am really pleased with the result.

While I was doing that, I had a thought.  Does anyone have trouble lining up blocks that have been sashed?  I have been quilting for years, but it is only this year that a friend of mine showed me how to do it so that the rows line up perfectly every time (thank you Raelene!!).  I thought I would show you how I do it.

1. Piece all the blocks into rows with the vertical sashing between them. You are now ready to put on the horizontal sashing.

2. Measure the length of sashing you need, and sew it to the first row of blocks.   Iron the sashing.  I usually iron the fabric towards the sashing to keep the bulk of the seam from the pieced block.

3. Line up your ruler with the edge along the length of the block and extending to the other side of the sashing.  You will see that I also have the 2" mark on the ruler aligned with the bottom of the block.  Mark the edge of the sashing with a pencil. Continue along the length of the sashing piece, marking each block edge.

 4. Match up the sewn seam line (not the edge of the block) of the row below with the marks you have made, and sew.  Apologies, but the photo is actually upside down.

Voila!  Perfectly matched corners on the rows of blocks.

I also finished quilting the Brown scrappy quilt I started last month (I told you all about that here and here).  Must be a record for me!  LOL  I have put some binding on it, but will take it to Cabarita for someone else to hand sew that down.  There are a couple of ladies there who love doing that, so more power to them I reckon.

So happy with that!  While I was quilting it, I was seriously hampered.....

Madam decided that it was the perfect spot for a snooze and made a beeline for it as soon as I walked away from it.

I cast around what to tackle next and found a bunch of blocks I had made back in March.  When I sorted it all out I found that I had enough blocks made for a single bed quilt and also a lap sized one.  Here is the smaller one laid out on my floor this morning.

And the partially pieced single quilt.  This type of block makes a secondary design of noughts and crosses when you lay it out.  I chose to do the lap one with the noughts and the single with the crosses.

I don't know what was going through my head as I was making these because there are actually 23 blocks.  This just is not possible, because the method of construction I use always gives you blocks in sets of 4.  It is dead easy.  If you would like me to do a tute on how these are made, just leave me a comment (or send me an email for those following by email).

I then began to construct some sashing pieces, and this is as far as I got this evening.  Time to go get the DB his dinner.

I am planning to make some corner stones in the reverse of the fabrics I used in the sashing.
Hope you are enjoying the holiday break as much as I am.
Edited:  I have joined the Show Off Saturday linky party.  Why not pop over and take a peek at some of the other great things people have been doing.

Til next time..... Keep on stitching.


  1. ooohhhh I really love how the polka dot sashing "pop" these blocks!!!

  2. I love those blue blocks! Please do a tute on them!

  3. I recently had a quilt with sashed inner borders with another row of blocks on the outer border and had to stop and think about what to do. Hadn't done one like that! I ended up marking each block intersection across the sashing too and it worked great. I guess that's why I usually opt for cornerstones. Your projects look wonderful and love the "back off now" look from your cat!


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