Wednesday, 18 December 2013

New FO Challenge 2014

Barbara at Cat Patches is an enabler extraodinaire.  She is hosting the New FO Challenge for 2014.   If you are asking what is a New FO, it is starting a new project with no requirement that you finish it ever!   Sounds like I am going to like that one LOL.  The link to the linky party is here.

2014 NewFO Challenge

Now most of the others have posted a very ambitious list of projects, and some have even listed them by month.  Me, being a very cautious bunny, I'm not going to do that.  I am just going to put up a list of goodies I would like to start next year.  How is that?  Most of the time I am sewing stuff for Aussie Heroes or Stitching Hearts, so I get to start lots of unplanned stuff anyway.  So here is my little list, in no sort of order:

1.  A quilt for Chelsea from my lovely Japanese fabric stash which has been languishing in my cupboard for upwards of 2 years waiting to be attacked.  I look at them occasionally and stroke them fondly, but have never got past that.

2.  Lucy Boston's Patchwork of the Crosses.  If you are inspired to try it too, the book is available here.  There is a whole Pinterest Board devoted to these blocks just to get you drooling.

3.  A quilt for my Dearly Beloved (DB) .  The poor darling asked me wistfully a gazillion years ago if I would make him a quilt.  He likes orderly, old fashioned blocks, and I like to make chaotic scrappy quilts.  Hence the delay in starting this.  However, all is not lost.  I have selected this book "15 Two-Block Quilts" by Claudia Olsen.

The quilt called "Fancy Corn and Beans" is a combination of two blocks - "Corn & Beans" and "Gentleman's Fancy", and the sample quilt has an interesting secondary design (as all the ones in the book do).  The other pattern from the same book I like is "Shoo Box"  - the blocks being "Shoo-Fly" and "Shadow Box".  Both of these quilts I can make up in a more or less scrappy look (to suit me) and an orderly repeated block design (to satisfy DB).

5.  The last one is to finally start my Civil War quilt from this book:


So now I am committed aren't I?

Oh.  I almost forgot.  There are several patterns in the bottom drawer I would like to fish out and get stuck into too, but I need to stop talking about it all and get going on some of these projects, so.....

Til next time.....Keep on stitching.


  1. The FO challenge looks like so much fun! Good luck getting everything started.:) lol

  2. The Japanese fabric looks like it will be fun - as do your other projects! Good luck - hopefully we can keep cheering each other on! :D

  3. Beautiful. Won't it be nice to get that fabric out into the light of day?

  4. You have some lovely projects picked out for next year.


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