Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmasy Things

Wot?  You say?  Two, yes two posts in the same day??  Unheard of.

I wanted to share a couple of things.  Meet Millie.  She has been in my daughter's family now for about 4 months, and she is a sweet little dog. 

The girls have been dressing her up.  Firstly as an elf....

And the eldest grandie made her a little dress:

I failed miserably in getting a good photo, because she is in perpetual movement - see that tail?  She was a rescue dog and is blissfully happy with the attention she gets from 3 girls.
Tomorrow is opening day for the Santa Swap.  Can't wait!  I'll be able to show you the goodies that have been beckoning me from under the tree for the last week.

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  1. Hope you enjoy your packages. Mine are hidden away in a cupboard so there is no squeezing.


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