Monday, 2 December 2013

Bin Readin'

After not reading a book for several months, in the last couple of weeks I've read two books.  Neither of these would win the Pulitzer prize, but it has been nice to abandon all and stick my nose in a book.

The first one, "Goodbye Sweetheart" by Lillian Harry, I picked up at a second hand book swap.  It has been lying around for a while, and is a story of Portsmouth, in England, at the start of the Second World War.  A very sweet story of ordinary people living ordinary lives at a particularly terrifying time.

What made it interesting for me is not the book itself, but the places mentioned, all of which I have visited.  DH's great-grand father was Arthur Thomas Bull, who established, and ran several homeware shops called "Bulls" in Portsmouth, selling fine china & other things.  It was The place to shop apparently. The characters in the book were off to shop at Bulls a couple of times.  Now Arthur Thomas Bull had two daughters - Clara Annie was DH's grandmother and her sister Linda Marion married Jack Bullpitt.  The Bullpitts owned a drapery store in Portsmouth (also mentioned in the book).  The business was started by Joseph Wilberforce Reeve Bullpitt who, prior to starting his own business, was one of the managers at Landport Drapery Bazaar (also in the book).  And lastly, one of the main characters in the book has a cat called Tibby.  Now you see why I couldn't help but like it!

The second book I picked up at the library last week; its called "Unfinished Portrait" by Anthea Fraser.  A Who Dun It with a twist.  No cops or detectives here, the main character is an author, asked to write a biography of an artist who had disappeared 18 months previously.  What starts out innocently enough leads to murder and mayhem.  Not bad at all.

This last one is part of a series; I may just have to go and find another one!
Her Majesty deemed it necessary to wake me at 5am today.  After tossing and turning for another hour, I finally got up, and a turn in the garden turned this up:
This is a Cicada, emerging from it's shell.  I was so excited!  I have never seen anything like this before.  Take a look at the link - lots of interesting info and a sound recording of the noise they make, which is deafening, and very much a part of the sounds of Christmas in these parts.
And here it is an hour later, drying itself out before it flies away.  Not sure what colour this one will be.  It has the most beautiful translucent wings, with a faint tinge of turquoise. 
During the last few years we have had mostly Black Princes, but when I was a kid, the most common ones were Greengrocers, and the Black Princes were quite a prize possession if you managed to find one.  The rarest of the whole lot was a golden one.  Can't remember what we called those.  I haven't seen one of those in years.
The wadding I ordered last week has just turned up - time to put the book down and get back to pinning and quilting Carl's Quilt.
Til next time..... Keep on stitching


  1. I've never seen a cicada emerging, what a great photo. Thanks for sharing.

  2. And aren't they LOUD! And apparently it's a good year for them! :)


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