Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A Bit of Progress

Not a lot of time to sew (or to blog) this week.  I have had little bits of time which I have used to make some progress on several things.

First up is that I have struggled with the hourglass borders for this quilt:

I first blogged about that top here.  Trouble is, my maths is the pits, and having made a couple of the borders, I found they didn't fit the available space, so I have had to be devious and insert bits and fix bits.  I got fed up and threw that into the deepest darkest corner I could find.  I'll pull it out in a little while when I am not so cranky with it (and me for being a useless twit of course)

So then I got on and worked on the brown 4-patches that I have made for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Its only since I've launched into this that I realised that everyone else is making up one or two blocks of each colour to make into a Rainbow quilt.  Well I DO have to be different, don't I?

I have made up all the 4-patches, and am busily sashing them in a pale yellow, and using brown 2" squares as corner stones. 

As usual, the lovely soft yellow of the sashing is disappointing in this photo!  When push comes to shove, there aren't too many browns in that lot are there?  Lots of tan and gold, and some distinctly red and blue ones too.  LOL  I don't care.  I have used 196 brown(ish) 3" squares, and 36 brown(ish) 2" squares out of my pre-cuts.  I am happy.
I have 3 rows sewn together, with a fourth row waiting to go on, so it is coming along nicely.

For some reason today, as I am adding the photos to this post, Blogger is doing some weird and wonderful things with them.  They are jumping all over the place, and each time I add a new photo, the Link button goes on.  Very frustrating! 

I then pulled out this gorgeous quilt made by Jill from Stitching Hearts and began to quilt it.  It has been hanging around for a couple of weeks and I have been procrastinating on getting started on the quilting.  It will be good to get it done.

I have carried the heart theme through to the quilting, so I started with stitching in the ditch around the 4-patches and then quilted hearts into each of the 4 squares.

The large areas of grey, I have meandered with a fairly open stipple, and along the way I've gone around the appliqued hearts.  For this bit I've used an off white rayon embroidery thread which is quite shimmery.  I quite like the rayon embroidery threads as they do give a quilt an extra bit of pizazz with the shine on the thread.
There's still the borders to do, and I plan to do hearts there in embroidery thread.
Can't show you what I have done for the Santa Sack Swap during the last week or so, but I am now working on the last gift.  Woo Hoo!  Here are the fabrics I have used for the last two gifts I have made.  Don't think that will give too much away.

I have really had fun with the Swap.  Love the secrecy, and the making of the gifts. Just a shame that I can't share the secrets!
Til next time.....Keep on stitching



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  1. Some borders are more frustrating than others aren't they? Good luck getting it figured out. Great looking scrap quilt--such a lovely, soft blend of colors!


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