Sunday, 6 October 2013

Warring Factions

There has been a major engagement  between two warring factions here recently.  WorryWort Wendy has realised that Idle Ida and Procrastination Polly are oblivious to the fact that the recipient of Verna's Garden is due to have the major birthday in just three weeks, and the quilt is still incomplete.  Meanwhile Anxious Angela is dancing with agitation over the incomplete tax documents also due in a couple of weeks sitting idle and neglected.  "There are fines for Late Lodgement", she twitters ineffectually flapping her hands in agitation.
So WorryWort Wendy and Anxious Angela are slinging verbal volleys from Red Rage Range at Idle Ida and Procrastination Polly who are plodding along day after day in a lackadaisical fashion ignoring the onslaught by thumbing their nose at the opposition.
Despite the confusion reigning, Industrious Ingrid and Busy Betty delved into the gloomy depths of the UFO cupboard and pulled out a bunch of donated co-ordinating fabric pieces originally designed as a sample of a fabric range, many moons ago.  Further digging revealed many scraps and strips of fabric just begging to be used.  With Justifying Judy nodding in approval, and Procrastinating Polly overlooking the entire venture, Industrious Ingrid and Busy Betty cut these sample fabrics into 8" squares, and whipped a 2.5" sashing around each one, quickly putting together a little lap quilt for Stitching Hearts. 
Now wasn't that the most virtuous thing that they could do?  Righteous Rhonda and Justifying Judy certainly think so.  They are clapping their hands in glee and diligently praising Industrious Ingrid and Busy Betty on the great work they have achieved.  Procrastinating Polly is also dead pleased, and Idle Ida just couldn't care less, as she sits throughout this melee indolently flicking an imaginary fleck of dust off her clothing. 

Meanwhile, WorryWort Wendy and Anxious Angela are just hooting in disapproval, stamping their feet and hurling abuse. 

"But its completing a UFO" Industrious Ingrid and Busy Betty sing happily, "AND its using up a pile of scraps".  And then they just had to go take another photo of this lovely quilt top they made, this time out in the garden to display it in all its perfection.  But of course decisions had to be made as to correct placement and consideration for light and shadows.  The bright sun washed all the colours out and the shade of the trees left dirty big areas of blackness.  Eventually they were finally satisfied and Busy Betty, ably assisted by Industrious Ingrid, sat down to display the fruits of their labour to the world in a blog.

Curious Cathy meanwhile, has been ignoring everything else going on and dreamily flitting back and forth to this lovely pile of scraps which have magically appeared in the house.  Every so often, she picks out a bit here and there, occasionally (but not often, mind you) sorting a piece into an appropriate pile.  There are just so many delicious colours in that scrap bag!  Fancy doing anything but checking them out and getting distracted with every fistful of rainbow deliciousness?
Tibby the Tiger was looking on in distain at the cavorting going on from the safety and shade of a little cave she has burrowed under the canopy of the miniature conifer in the garden.  She was too quick for me when I emerged to take a photo, and came towards me to say hello.  You can just see her little cave in the background of this photo.
Til next time..... Keep on stitching.

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