Wednesday, 2 October 2013

September Wrap Up

So this is my September Wrap Up - a reminder to myself that I haven't been idle this month. LOL

First cab off the rank was the first of the two snowball quilts I have made for Stitching Hearts.  I made this quilt in June, and quilted it in September.  You can read about that here and here:

I completed "Verna's Garden":
And then I pieced a backing I for it.  In keeping with the garden theme, I used a piece of green fabric, but of course there was insufficient fabric, so I had to be creative. 
My lovely friend Di from Friday Quilters [hello Di ;-) ] gave me a wonderful piece of border fabric which featured dogs.  Now Verna has had several dogs as well as cats in her life, so I just had to use that.  There were also a gazillion pieces from the piano key border, so I thought I'd use them up.  Guess what?  There are still a gazillion and one pieces left over!
Staying focussed and not starting any new projects has really been paying off.  Thank you Julie.  Julie wrote a post a month or so back, where she decided to make herself complete a few UFOs.  So I decided to do the same and I have knocked over several in the last couple of months.  Here is another UFO I completed for Stitching Hearts.

Then Jan-Maree from Aussie Heroes called for pink and white blocks and fairy blocks for a mystery quilt.  I made four each of those for her:

In the back ground, I have been doing the hand quilting on my commission quilt.  There are 15 Dresden plates in the quilt, each has 16 blades.  I have now completed 7 plates, and am about half way through the 8th.  So at the half way point.  I have also machine quilted around the inside of the plate itself, to stabilise them.
Also on my plate is the secret sewing I have been doing for the 2013 Santa Sack Swap.  My swap buddy is Lynda  and I have been busy making "stuff" for her.  Can't show you what until December!
And I have finished my jig-saw puzzle.  But that doesn't count does it??
Yesterday I went to Jan-Maree's for a sewing day for Aussie Heroes.  Early on in the day she mentioned she had a bag of scraps for me for Stitching Hearts.  Did I expect this though??
Chock-a-block full!  I couldn't lift it.  Jan-Maree's son had a struggle to get it into the car for me & DH nearly had a hernia carrying it to my workroom.  I haven't even taken a look - too daunting.
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Til next time.....Keep on stitching.

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  1. You have been very busy! Lots of good looking progress.:) Can't believe you haven't looked at the scraps yet!


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