Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Mine, All Mine

After weeks and weeks of making things for others, I decided that this week I was going to make something for me.  So on Sunday I set to, pulled some gorgeous Japanese fabrics from my stash and made this little bag:

I used a tutorial by Jenni Baker at In Colour Order.  It was a great tute and made the makings very easy.  The bag was done in a very short time.  Thanks heaps Jenni! 
Here is the inside of the bag:

I so love it!  Love the fabrics, and love the size of the bag.  I am planning to use it as a little carry bag for my take out sewing.  It has soft sides, so will squash up to fit the contents - very useful for take along sewing.  Think I'll make another.
Also on the weekend I finished off another gift for my swap sister in the Santa Sack Swap I'm in.  Still some more goodies to do.  You will have to wait Lynda, 'cos I'm not even showing a peek.  LOL.  And no, I didn't make one of these for you!
Yesterday was a big day - DH & I drove down to Sydney to meet with Verna, and I gave her the quilt.  I think she was a bit blown away.  The return journey was pretty horrendous.  Terrible traffic and a heavy downpour of rain for the entire length of the drive up the freeway.  I was jolly glad to get home.
I have been out playing bridge all day, so tonight's post is short and sweet.  Have to go and think about making some dinner.
Til next time..... Keep on stitching
BTW  I am trialling large photos.  Could you leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the new look please?  Do you like them large?  I know some of you are subscribed to posts by email, so could you email me with your thoughts please.  Ta muchly.

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