Saturday, 26 October 2013

A Finish!

Very excited that I have finished Verna's Garden!  Well, I still have to make a label and sew it on, but the quilting is done and the binding is on.

So here it is:

I started it in May at our Retreat and initially when I blogged, I called it "In My Garden", but pretty soon I started to call it "Verna's Garden".

This photo and the one below were taken by my lovely friend Raelene.  Thank you Rae!   You can see our set up at the Retreat, or part of it anyway.  I am piecing the centre rail fence blocks with Di in the foreground and Elaine and Diane on the other side of me. 

Here we are in the dining room arranging the layout for the centre.  Georgina on the left and Diane and Jan on the right.  Georgina is ON the table!  I have blogged heaps of times, with the first one being here, and another here and here

It has ended up as a large lap quilt, and I love it.  I love absolutely everything about it.  Funny how sometimes you make things and you can see that they are OK both technically and aesthetically but you aren't in love with it.

I Talked about how I quilted the centre here.

I quilted the applique border using Isacord thread by outlining each applique shape and then going on to do a moderately tight meander.
I wanted to continue the theme I used in the centre of the quilt in the outer border, so I did some orange peels freehand, using the Isacord.  I am actually deliberating whether I should add another row on the outside of the ones I have done as the borders are a little wavy and that is due to the fact that the meander is quilted more heavily than the border.  I don't think I will though.  Its finished, so it will stay as it is.

I bound it in the same fabric as the last border.
I used Wonderfil Accent 12wt Rayon thread in a variegated yellow (ACM36), which I purchased at the Darling Harbour Quilt Show this year on the centre of the quilt.  On the two borders I used Isacord 40 Polyester Embroidery thread (colour 101 - an off white) which I purchased online at Sewing Selections.  I used a light grey Rasant thread in the bobbin.
I buy wadding by the roll from Hollyburton Farm in Victoria.  This particular roll was 60/40 Wool/Poly blend.  I just love this wadding.  It is soft and has a moderate loft; my machine is happy quilting it.  I also love the fact that I am buying direct from a farm which supplies its own wool for the wadding!  One thing to consider though, is that it is not double width.  That does not bother me as I any quilts I make which are wider than that I have done on a long arm, as I can't manage them in my machine, and the quilter I use supplies her own wadding.
Tibby decided to do a spot of quality assurance the other night while I was in the kitchen making a cuppa.
I have decided though that I don't really like machine quilting.  I know that there are people out there who just love the process - my friend Di does gorgeous quilting; then there is Gemma at Pretty Bobbins; Kay Haerland is a quilt artist and lives just a few blocks from me; and of course Leah Day, everyone knows about Leah and her wonderful tutorials.  All of these people love FMQ, but for me it is a chore, boring, repetitive, tiresome and simply a means to an end.  People tell me that my quilting is great, but I am such a particular person that second best just doesn't do, and my quilting in my own eyes does not make the grade. 
So there I have confessed!
I have linked up this week with TGIFF at Quilter in the Closet.
And dare I do this??  The I quilt linky at Pretty Bobbins
Til next time.....Keep on stitching


  1. Beautiful quilt and you must be so happy to have it finished. (Would you like to finish some of mine) but best of all Tibby obviously loves it.

  2. Gorgeous! So exciting to have a beautiful finish! I don't enjoy the machine quilting either and I know I'm terrible at it! You however are very good at it regardless.:)

  3. Wonderful finish! I love the last picture too - what finish would be complete without a cat sitting on it?

  4. Your quilting is awesome!!!! I LOVE the quilting in the center and I love your honesty! Thank you so much for linking up :) I would love to feature your work this week. Would I be able to use one of your photographs please? Thanks for linking up xx


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