Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Bit of This and Some of That

Most of my week has been taken up with quilting Verna's Garden.  I am almost finished that and will put up a separate post about that when its done.  I am getting stressed about it as it needs to be completed by the 29th.

Meanwhile, my shoulders get very tired when I am quilting, so I try to vary the things I do in my sewing room fairly often.  I have such a dodgy back, that I really can't push it too much.

So.... In between the quilting I picked up my Leader & Ender project, which has now become my main project.  I blogged first about it here.  I have now made up 22 Broken Dishes blocks and need 3 more.

Cute block eh?  Here are some of the others..

The end result will be a lap quilt for Stitching Hearts.  The next step is to sash it with 2" strips (more scraps. Yippee!) and I plan on using corner stones as well out of my 2" scrap bag.  (Bonus!!)   Not sure where it will be deployed, but most likely to be used as a donation to the Minnamurra Nursing Home, which is our current project.
The last couple of Fridays, I have picked up a UFO to complete at Friday Quilters.  These blocks were made ages ago.  I like to sit and do hand sewing in the evening in front of the TV, so I had put together these hearts which I blanket stitch appliqued onto some light value background fabric.  All scraps.  So in the last few days, they have had sashing and corner stones added.  

Corner stones were from some really ugly fabric!  Cut it small, and it doesn't look too bad!  It was still too small, even for a Stitching Hearts lap quilt, so I added a navy border to frame it. 

Still too small, so I have cut a bunch of scrappy squares, and am planning an Hour Glass border.  These are the test blocks, and have come up as 5" square trimmed. 

Now me being me, I am flying by the seat of my pants and I have not measured that quilt, so I have no idea if the border will fit!  We will just have to be creative if it doesn't.  LOL.  That's what patchwork is, isn't it?
On Thursday last, I went down to Cabarita to Stitching Hearts.  We had a visitor - a dear little Brushtail Possum.  Here he is curled up trying to have a snooze up on the stage behind the piano.
No idea how he came to be there, but he probably fell through the hole in the ceiling.  We rang the Council to have him picked up, but they had not arrived by the time we left.  We left out some water, a pear core and a bit of banana.  Poor little thing was very thirsty and hungry.  These creatures are nocturnal, so the fact that he came out in daylight shows just how hungry he was.

Arriving home, I was having a quiet sit at the table in the Family Room.  Not sure what made me look up, but I saw this, at the back door.
The door is a sliding glass one, but it was ajar in case Tibby wanted to get out for a wander.  I leaped up and shut it.  Just as well I did, as Tibby did wander up to see what all the fuss was about.  Then of course once we were "safe" I had to take a photo or two.

This was one BIG baby.  I reckon it was over 4 feet long, and on investigation, I have decided it is a Diamond Python, and non-venomous.  That's a relief, but I still wasn't happy about it making free with my back door!  This one wasn't full size - apparently they grow to 2 meters!  Holy Cow!!  You can read about it on the Australian Reptile Park's web page here.  The Reptile Park is not far from here and really good value both for kids and for adults.  We often take interstate and overseas guests there.

I was dead pleased when it finally got bored looking at all these dumb humans and slithered off out the back gate.  Last sighted slithering up the road - I don't care where it went, as long as it was way out of my garden. 

Remember this humongous pile of scraps Jan-Maree gave me a couple of weeks ago? 
I have been delving into it a little bit at a time whenever I can, and dealing with the bits.  I have fished out an enormous pile of pre-cut 3" squares, in every colour.  There must be several hundred, and I haven't even emptied one of these bags.  Guess I shall have to plan a quilt around them now.  My friend Jan is coming over tomorrow morning to give me a hand to sort them.  Bless her.
I have linked up with the Show Off Saturday linky at Caroline's Sewshecan blog.
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Til next time.....Keep on stitching.

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