Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

We have had the busiest weekend!

Friday started with my usual trip up to Friday Quilters.  My lovely friend Di brought her AcuQuilt Go Cutter, and I took - you guessed it - the remnants of the green stash.  I cut masses of green tumbler blocks and threw in some purple to vary the theme a little.  I have no idea how many of these I need for a lap quilt for Stitching Hearts, so I guess I need to lay them out to see.  Here is my little stack:

Doesn't look like a huge pile, but in fact it used quite a bit of the fabric.  There is a bit of wastage cutting tumblers, but I thought it would be a bit different and a change from squares.

You will see that there a few fabrics there that I used for the Wonky Crosses!

Then Friday night there was a trip to the local theatre, to see a David Williamson play called "When Dad Married Fury".  It was full of verbal repartee, and sadly, none of the actors used a microphone, so some of it was lost on me, which spoilt it a bit for me.  It was a fun night nevertheless.  We are so lucky in these parts as we have 2 nice theatres here, and the performances often have well known actors playing.

Saturday morning we went to watch eldest granddaughter playing in the Netball finals.  They won!  So they are through to the Grand Finals next week.  The team they played had only lost one game - the semis last week.  So that was an exciting game.

All three girls play netball and love it, but the two youngest did not get as far as the finals.
The rest of the weekend we spent up in Blackheath at a bridge congress.  It is literally decades since I was in Blackheath, and I had totally forgotten how beautiful it is.  We had glorious weather, but unfortunately did not have any time to explore as we were playing bridge.  We stayed in a big old house with 6 others, and had a great time at dinner on Saturday night.  We are now planning to go up to the mountains again, and spend some time there.  The area used to be a favourite honeymoon spot all through from the early 1900s, but seems to have fallen off the radar these days.  Guess there are too many cheap deals in Vanuatu and Bali.
Yesterday I drove down to Pennant Hills to a sewing day for Aussie Heroes.  I took along the fruits of my labour for the last few weeks including the Wonky Stars I had made.  First thing we did was cut backings from 3 rolls of fabric.  Have you any idea how many backings that is??  I lost count, but it was a lot.
Next up, Jan-Maree had me lay out some of the blocks I had brought with me on the design wall, and then Rita sewed them up into a quilt. 

You can take a look at the result here.  The rest of the day, I spent piecing backings and putting extra borders onto quilts.  Pretty productive day for the 4 of us who turned up.

Sunday was Father's Day here, (as well as officially the first day of Spring), and as we were up in Blackheath, we had the family celebrations on Monday night.  The two eldest girls were off to Guides, but we managed a quick photo opportunity before they left. 

The mysterious parcel in brown paper, turned out to be a gorgeous wooden box made by Miss 12 in her woodworking class.  I was super impressed!  It had a lid which slides open, and decorative burnt wood engraving.  DH is a mathematician, so hence the designs on it.

Here he is with the artist:

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