Friday, 13 September 2013


Over the last week or so I have finished quilting the first of the two snowball quilts I have made for Stitching Hearts.   I have also put the binding on it, but will take it down to Cabarita for someone else to sew it down (that's why it looks unfinished).  There are several ladies who enjoy doing that, so that is something I don't need to do.  Here is my effort:

I used a Signature Mercerized Cotton 40 weight in a variagated green/beige as the top thread, and a Mettler 40 weight cotton quilting thread in the bobbin. 

I FMQ'd spirals in the centre of each of the blocks, going downwards in rows, and along each of the rows I FMQ'd in the ditch around the squares between the blocks.  Stitching free motion in the ditch was a total learning experience!  It is SO hard.  My poor spirals were all different sizes but mostly fairly even.  As my friend said today "if you can't see it from a horse, don't worry".  LOL.
I continued the spiral theme on the border.  Wonky spiral on show here!  Overall it looks good and I am happy.  It would not win any ribbons in a show, but it is a quilt for charity and will likely be thrown into a washing machine, so that is fine by me.
The other snowball quilt top using the same blocks which I made is currently at Cabarita waiting to be pinned.
Another finish today at Friday Quilters was Verna's Garden.  I just love this quilt.  I have loved every single bit of the planning and construction process, and have now embarked on piecing the backing.  I don't have enough of the backing fabric, so I have begun to construct a GT stripe, which will be two rows of the same piano key border I used on the front of the quilt using the left over fabrics with a row of backing fabric between them.  All I have done of that so far is the cutting.
Now, just because I haven't enough to do during the day (and night), here is what I started yesterday:

Yep.  A Jigsaw.  But not just any old jigsaw, a 1500 piece jigsaw!  Yesterday afternoon I had to pick up Miss 7 from school, and we were sitting together playing with the pieces and the conversation goes something like this:
Me:  "This is a very big puzzle.  It has 1500 pieces."
She: (seriously) "You know Baba, you could just put in one piece a day and then maybe it would get finished"
Me: (snort) "Yes, well....  You know that would take rather a long time", (trying hard not to shriek with laughter)
She:  "How long would it take do you think?"
Me:  (silent snigger) "Oh, nearly 5 years I should think - you would be in Year 7"
Stunned silence ensued.  Little mind was visibly thinking "this woman is maaaad"

I can't leave it exposed and unattended, as Tibby thinks that the pieces make marvellous toys.  So it has a sheet over it when I am out of the room.
Here is the box.  It was my mother-in-law's, and I dragged it home from the UK the year before last, having scored it (and a couple of others) when we were clearing out her house for down sizing.  It is a picture of Queen Mary's Doll's House.  The doll's house itself was built for Queen Mary, the wife of George V in the early 1920's and is now on display at Windsor Castle.  The picture on the jigsaw is just beautiful, with unbelievable detail.  It has made me want to see the doll's house in real life.
Til next time..... Keep on stitching.

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