Thursday, 26 September 2013

Another UFO Bites the Dust

I haven't had a lot of time to sew in the last few days, but was determined to get something done anyway, so I rummaged in the back of the cupboard until I found a UFO to work on.

This started out as a bundle of pink fabrics with fairies and castles and cartoons on them which were donated to Stitching Hearts ages ago.  The fabrics were slightly heavier than regular patchwork cottons, so probably curtaining.  We had a sew in one day while there and did a couple of stack and slash quilts.  This one never got finished and it sat and sat and sat in the cupboard at Cabarita for months.  So Bug-a-lugs brought it home and guess what?   It sat and sat and sat in MY cupboard for months! 

Here is what it looks like now:

It was a challenge!  I had 7 completed blocks, with none of the feature fabrics to work with.  As it was too wide and too short with a 3 x 2 layout and too narrow and too long with a 2 x 3 layout, I chopped up the 7th block to make a strip through the middle.  I sashed the whole lot with dark pink.  The dark pink fabric was a cow to work with; a cheap patchwork cotton which was quite unstable because it wasn't a firm weave.  Never mind, I think the finished quilt looks OK and I am sure there will be a little girl somewhere who will love the bright colours.
There are princesses.....

And some cutie girls....

And I pieced a backing from the pink polka dots.....
I will make up some binding in the dark pink fabric before next week & take it to Cabarita for pinning.
Next, I made up some 4-patches.  Jan-Maree at Aussie Heroes sent out an email request to her faithful slaves, asking for some 4-patches to go into a special mystery quilt.  There were 2 lots required and I offered to do four of each.  This first batch has fairies, butterflies & other pretty things, bits and bobs I had in my stash.  With 3 grand daughters I had thought this would be an easy task, but Jan-Maree's request was for pink & all my fairy fabrics were in blues, greens & every other colour of the rainbow other than pink!  I had to raid friend Jan's stash as well.  Good to have friends who don't mind you coming on a raiding excursion.  LOL  That is her fabric in the bottom 2 blocks.  Thanks Jan.

This next batch was a bit easier as it was all pink/white. 

We are in full Spring mode here with the garden ablaze.  This shrub is just outside my sewing room and has a lovely gentle fragrance which wafts in occasionally through the open door.  It is called "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow".  Don't know Latin names for plants!

Here is a close-up of the flowers.  As you can see they go from white through to mauve and onto deep purple.  Hence the name.

Also in full bloom at the moment is the Pig Face.  It is a hardy succulent which spreads at a great rate - good to keep the weeds out.  We have three varieties.  This is the magenta one:

And here is the pale pink one.  The yellow one has finished blooming for the year.

These Day Lilies come up in clumps in a variety of places in the garden.  This clump is in the front garden. 

I am linking this post up with the Brit Sewing Thursday linky at Dandelion Daydreams.  How about going on over there to check out some of the inspiration there.
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Til next time...... Keep on stitching.


  1. Those flowers looks so wonderful.
    Thanks for linking up this week xxx

  2. Ooooh....just having a 'bo peep' at your garden....'tis beautiful Dasha!!


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