Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A Commission

Yep.  I have been commissioned to quilt a quilt.  More by default than good management though.

This saga began about 8 or 9 years ago.  A friend came to the patchwork classes I was giving because she wanted to make a quilt for her daughter, so I helped her put it together.  She made, but had not quite finished, a beautiful quilt with Dresden Plates on it before she and her family moved to London.


Fast forward to about 3 months ago, and said family is now in Hong Kong.  She emails me to ask me if I knew anyone who could quilt a quilt for her.  Sure, I said.  There is a lovely lady called Jenny at Coastal Quilting in Umina, who would be pleased to do it for her, and if she could get the quilt to me I would co-ordinate it.

So the quilt duly arrived, and I discovered that a) it was pinned, b) the backing fabric was not large enough to go on a long arm and c) it was partly quilted with perle cotton.

So the upshot of this is that I am going to continue quilting by hand with perle cotton in the design already there, and I am going to machine quilt in the places which have not been done by hand. 

Here is what it looks like close up:

As usual, my photography leaves a lot to be desired and the colours in this lovely quilt have not reproduced.  Maybe I should do a course in digital photography.

As you can see there is a row of quilting inside each blade of the Dresden Plates, and two rows around each plate.  I am planning a design in the centre and in the empty green spaces which I will do by machine.  Will also do something in the border by machine.  It should work out OK as I have done something similar in the past.  I have completed just over 1/3 of the Plates, and the double row of stitching around 3 of them.  It is a slow process as my poor hands are really complaining.

Til next time...... Keep on stitching.

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  1. You are entirely too nice of a person! I love hand quilting, but am not sure I would do it for 'pay' as there is really no way to get paid enough for your time!


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