Friday, 30 August 2013

Wonky Cross Thursday

I have spent most of today making more Wonky Crosses for Aussie Heroes.  Continuing on from my determination to reduce the size of the green stash, I concentrated on green, but did get a bit sidetracked on one or two occasions.  LOL.

Here is the result of my efforts.  This lot is all the green ones:

And this lot is the other colours: 

Together with the 39 I had made over the last week or so, I now have a total of 79 blocks.  Ummm.  Guess I will have to go make another one to round it up to 80.  LOL

And yes; the green stash DOES look like I have attacked it!

And I have got rid of a whole bunch of sundry bits of fabric.  You need to start with a 9.5" block, so when I went off the green rails, I scrounged around until I found small bits that I could cut to that size and get rid of them.  I am happy.  Also used up lots of 2" strips.  I am very happy.

Today was a glorious sunny spring day, so after lunch I went for a walk in the garden.  While we were away Spring came into our garden.

We have a lot of azaleas in the garden, most of them are hybrids.  This one is in the back garden and is one of the old fashioned varieties.  It flowers prolifically, has a lovely fragrance and never seems to suffer from petal blight or the other horrid things that azaleas get. 

One front garden runs the length of the house and is completely planted out.  I am one of these people that believes that a garden should be stocked with things that flower, or smell, or can be eaten.  Nothing else is worth growing.  So the front garden has mostly things that flower.  This is one of the hybrid azaleas.

And the irises are out too.  They have been flowering for a couple of weeks now, so they do not appear as good as they were.
Around the side of the garden and beside the car port is something which I believe is a "native rhododendron".  Not sure what the real name for that is, but it has really lovely flowers, which seem to go on for most of the year.  We have another of these shrubs at the other end of the garden.  I love it.  Peeking out from behind the foliage are the first of the day lillies.  They flower prolifically all year round and we have several varieties dotted around in the garden.

We also have two clumps of Sydney Rock Orchids.  They are both in spectacular bloom.
And here is a close up of one of the spikes.  Aren't they just gorgeous?  I had not noticed that they were about to bloom, and we came home from holidays to that lovely display.

We had a fabulous display of bulbs of all sorts in the garden this year.  Several varieties of jonquils including the Erlicher which has a terrific scent, daffodils, snow drops and fresias.  The Babiana is about to flower.  When that is in full bloom, I put up a photo of that.
Although I love being in the garden, but I am not a good gardener.  Apart from anything else, my back gives out on me after only a short while, and I have to be very careful how much I do.  I have a chap come in once a year to do the heavy pruning, a good clean up and to lay down mulch.  Most of the stuff growing is there because it needs little attention.  Plus we often have very dry summers, and with the water restrictions of the last ten years, what is in the garden has to survive without watering.
The other thing that has arrived back for the summer is the Dollar Bird.
It is a strange sort of bird.  Pretty boring to look at except that it has a bright orange/red beak and legs.  But when it is in flight it has a glorious turquoise splash under its wings.  It has a strange, very raspy croak, which is how you notice that it is back.  When they are here, they live in the high trees along the waterfront, which is just on the other side of the road from us, so we have a bird's eye view of them.
When the Dollar Bird comes back, you know it is time for the Koel.  I will tell you about him when he comes back.
So that is me for now.
Til next time...... Keep on stitching.


  1. I love the wonky cross blocks. Well done for making that many and using the stash :)
    I wish our garden looked as pretty as yours but I'm useless with plants. I've even managed to kill a cactus (although I think watering it too much is more killed by kindness than being useless...) Our garden is just left to do it's own thing at the minute. We have potatoes growing that will need to be dug up soon but we aren't touching much because a family of hedgehogs have taken up residence in our border somewhere and we don't want to make them homeless just before winter!

  2. I'm liking those cross blocks. Lovely pics too.

  3. What a great post! So much to look at, and lovely photos. I am glad that it is spring somewhere in the world! Those tumbler blocks look lovely.


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