Friday, 23 August 2013


Confession time.  If you read my blog, you will have noted that I was going to stay focused and get a few things completed.  Well, this week I haven't.  But I am telling myself that I am exonerated because I have been stash busting instead.  Besides, its not really a new thing I have started.

We got back from holidays on Monday night, and I spent Tuesday doing all those boring things that make a home tick over.  You know, washing, shopping, unpacking, paying bills.....  Boring, Boring, Boring.  By Wednesday afternoon I couldn't deal with this any longer, and I ignored my tax which is pleading to be done, and sat down to my machine.  Aussie Heroes does a BOM, and the August one is Wonky Crosses.  The tutorial for that is here.  I decided to do some blocks, and get stuck into my green stash which is totally overflowing.

The block is just so easy and fun to do, that in no time at all I had made heaps.....

And then I got bored with looking at green fabric, so I made some other colours - mostly blue-ish.

There are 39 x 9.5" blocks in all.  I feel very pleased with myself as I concentrated on the pieces which were small bits and got them out of the cupboard.  I even juggled bits together when they were too small to cut the original 9.5" block.  And you know having dug into that green stash, it doesn't seem to have made any impression on it at all!  I am planning to go down to Jan-Maree's to a sewing day on the 2nd September, so there is still time to do some more.

When I was bemoaning the lack of stash depletion this morning at Friday Quilters, my friend Di offered to bring her AccuQuilt Go Cutter next Friday.  I plan to do a pile of tumbler blocks with it, so hopefully by the end of next week, the greens will be tamed.  And then I will have to start on the blues.....

I called into Aldi on the way home today because they had great big fat red strawberries on special for $1.69 a punnet.  That is very cheap for this part of the world.  After lunch today I got them boiled up into jam, and have a neat dozen jars of home made jam.  I have been making strawberry jam for about 3 years now, and find that store bought stuff is just no longer appealing.  I have almost finished the last bottle of the last batch, so this was very timely indeed.  I will need to label them all tomorrow when the jars are cool.  Now to go clean up the sticky mess in the kitchen and get the dinner on.

Til next time..... Keep on stitching.

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