Friday, 2 August 2013

Staying Focused

A couple of weeks ago, Julie from one of the blogs I follow put up a post about how hard it was for her to get focused.  Well that soooo resonated with me!!  I get the most satisfaction in the planning stages, the dreaming, the collecting of the fabric and the planning of the blocks.  Then I itch to get stuck into it.  But the construction process is boring by the time I'm half way through, so often as not the fabrics and the pieced blocks get thrown into the cupboard, and I gallop away with fresh ideas.

I have challenged myself in the last couple of weeks to focus and get a few things finished.  It has been a major struggle, but I feel good because there are a few things done.  And here is what I have been up to:

These tumbler blocks were given to me at least a couple of years ago by my friend Yvonne.  She had made a large double bed sized quilt with them, and these were the left overs.  I wasn't enthusiastic about putting them together as the triangle corners were all different colours, and of course there was no fabric which came with it, so I couldn't make any more blocks to make up a design, or to make a decent sized quilt top.  Still, I was quite happy with the result, and the lap quilt will be given to Stitching Hearts.  If you look closely, you will see that there is a bit of planning in the layout after all.
I quite like the fabric I used in the border - it came from the Stitching Hearts stash cupboard  and I think it ties all the blocks together.

This pretty quilt is also for Stitching Hearts. The top was made by Jan, it was pinned in Cabarita (where we meet) by some of the lovely ladies there, and it has sat in my work room for ever and a day. waiting to be quilted 

It was a joy to quilt.  I used two of the threads I bought from the Wonderfil stall at the Darling Harbour Quilt Show this year.  They were in a trial pack of 5 coordinating colours of Wonderfil Konfetti.  My Bernina 440 just loved the thread - it sang!  Of the threads I have trialled in the last few weeks, this is absolutely the best in my machine.

I used a stencil for the outer border and a Pilot Frixion Pen to do the marking.  It is one of those that you use an iron on to remove the marking after you are done.  All the ladies at Stitching Hearts were given one of these a month or so back and I have not been game enough to use it.   I was terrified that it would not fade away when I applied heat. But it did, so Phew!  

I used a stencil & the Frixion pen for the centre square too.  It was part of the stencil I used for the border, so the pattern was complementary.

I used a free motion orange peel design for the two inner borders.  Very pleased with the end result.  I put a binding on the quilt, but will leave it to one of the Stitching Hearts ladies to hand sew down.  There are a couple who enjoy doing that, so I don't argue.
The next cab off the rank were a bundle of Block of the Month blocks made by who knows how many Aussie Hero ladies.  Jan-Maree gave me a pile of these blocks of all different colours, and at least 3 different types ages ago and they have been lying in my cupboard barking at me every time I went past.  I put two strips of 2.5" squares between the grey sashing fabric.  Hasn't made much difference to the 2.5" squares stash though.  LOL.  Now the top is made up and I will deliver it next time I am driving along Pennant Hills Road.
Not finished yet! 
I picked up a winter dress which I made myself at least 3 years ago, and have never worn.  I chopped the bodice off, added an elasticised waistband and shortened it.  Finished!  Hopefully it will be worn soon.
This afternoon I rewarded myself.  Bliss!  I actually got to chop some fresh fabric and play with colours!  I made up 6 blocks for Aussie Heroes from the August BOM.  Tutorial is here.  The BOM blocks are usually big and easy to make.  These certainly were - I made these 6 up in about an hour.  I wanted to use up some of my green stash, so will do some more in the next few days.  Today's effort didn't do much damage to the green stash.  This lot is all dull greens - I'll use some brights and some lights next time.

I have decided to join the Small Blog Meet at Lily's Quilts blog. It is designed to get more traffic & followers onto small blogs, so please click on the link on the right hand side and go visit some small blogs.  Leave a comment and say "hello".  Thanks heaps.

Til next time..... Keep on stitching


  1. Great that you are re-visiting some of those projects stuffed away in the cupboard. I know that happens only to well. However I challenged myself this year to finish off my UFOs and so far have finished 3 and am thrilled with them. Of course I hav mad other quilts and started even more! LOL

  2. Hi, I'm Sue and I found you via Lily's Quilts. Your comment resonates with me too. My shelves are full of unfinished projects. I think I will challenge myself to get some done this month. Yours all look great. I especially like the second one, the colours are lovely :)

  3. It does feel SO good to get a few things finished up! Congrats to you for your great focus.:)

  4. You've managed to do loads - I hope you keep your focus now you've found it ;o)


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