Sunday, 11 August 2013


Moree is a large rural town in northern NSW, not far from the Queensland border, and about 500km from the coast.  The main industries here are wheat, cattle & cotton. 
Like many NSW country towns, its main street is long & wide and flanked by single storey shop fronts.  This is Balo Street.
We stayed with the Assef family who have run the Assefs fashion boutique in Balo Street, Moree for several generations. 
Heber Street on this side is a lovely side street with a shady avenue of trees.
There are some beautiful old buildings in this town, like the Art Deco Memorial Hall built in 1921.

This is the former  Federation style Commercial Banking Company of Sydney building.  It was built in 1910, and is now a gallery. 
Across the road from the old CBC Bank is the Moree TAFE building.  It was built in 1902 and has a gorgeous Art Deco clock tower.

Back in the main street is the Edwardian Imperial Hotel built in the 1920s.  Much of the building is original, and it is pretty typical of a county hotel in NSW.

This little group of shops is also pretty typical.  It was built around 1900 & is in beautiful condition.  In many of the streets in country towns, parking is rear to kerb, and this is pretty disconcerting in a busy main street if you aren't used to it!

Behind these stores is the residence.  Complete with bull nose corrugated iron roof shading a deep verandah. 

Summers are very hot here, so there are lovely deciduous vines (grapes?) planted over trellises, on either side of the main street, all along through the central part of the shopping area.  There are conveniently placed benches & tables where you can stop and chat on a hot summer's day.  The trellises are lit up at night with fairy lights which looks really pretty.

One of the features of this town are the Artesian Hot Springs.  The water is supposed to be healing.  The pool area has been restored recently and is lovely, with two hot pools, one deeper than the other.

A cold water pool, for playing in, and a lap pool for more serious swimming.  Behind this pool is a magical children's playing area and a water slide.

While at the pool, we were treated to a very special sight - three Little Eagles circling the pool & surrounding grassy area.  No photos - they were too far away and the photos I took were just vast expanses of blue sky with a black speck in them.  Don't be fooled by the name, these are huge birds!  And the three of them circling above us was an awesome sight.
The town is on the banks of the Mehi River, which winds itself around the town.  It is very full at the moment.

These geese spied us from afar, and came at a gallop to investigate.  The accompanying ducks were annoyed at the intrusion and flew off.

The river banks are dotted with magnificent River Gums

The Visitor Information Centre sports the Moree quilt donated by the local quilt group.

And a lovely 1930s Rotunda in Kirkby Park.  A lot of the country towns in NSW have these.

Old friends + Thai food.  A great combination!


  1. The swimming pool looks great. Shame it is so far away!

  2. What a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. What a lovely town with a lot of character. Everything looks so well kept! The pool does look inviting, but I'd also be happy sitting under the fairy lights. :-)


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