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We are off on Thursday morning on a 10 day jaunt.  First off is 4 days in Moree, which is almost on the Queensland border, but about 450km west of the coast.  It is about 7 hours driving time from home, so it will be a long day in the car.  We are going to play in the Moree Pairs Bridge Congress on both days of this coming weekend, and there are about 5 pairs going up, all of them good friends of ours some of whom we don't see often as they live in Sydney, so that should be fun.  We "invade en masse" from down south! LOL

So next week on Monday, we are travelling from Moree down to the coast to Coffs Harbour - about a 5 hour drive.  It is quite a big town and pretty much half way between Sydney and Brisbane.  Lots of "tree changers" there.  And the reason for that trip?  The Coffs Harbour Bridge Congress!  This will be a teams event, so we will be playing with friends from Sydney (who are also going to Moree).  Most of the group going to Moree are planning to then go on to Coffs, so there will be a meal or two, and a glass of wine or two I should think.  The Coffs Congress is a premier congress, so there will be some pretty tough opposition there.

In preparing for the trip, I have put together a Secret Sewing project as hand sewing.  I never travel anywhere without something to hand sew, not even trips to Sydney.  I can't sew in the car, but there will be heaps of opportunities over the time we are away to sit and stitch.  I am making the first of the gifts for the Santa Sack Swap I have joined.  Here are the fabrics I have selected:

I love those colours, and I do so hope that my Swap Sister does too.
There is also a piece of quilter's muslin which I didn't bother to put into the photo - you all know what that looks like don't you?
Talking about the muslin, when I went to use it, I noticed that there was a very distinct panel running right through the entire piece of fabric.  This panel was woven significantly denser than the fabric to each side of the panel.  Has anyone seen that before?  Luckily the piece I needed to cut was exactly the right width to fit across that panel.  Whew.  I could not return it to the shop as it was from my stash and I have absolutely no idea when or where I bought it.
We also had an interesting visitor last Friday.......
He found his way into the bottom of a bucket which was in the garage.  I was concerned that he would have trouble extracting himself from there as the sides are slippery, straight up and high, so we lay the bucket on its side in the garden for him to escape, which eventually he did.  You can't tell from the photo, but he is about 4" long.  I have no idea what he was, other than he was some sort of lizardy thing.

The Federal Election has been called for 7th September, after weeks of speculation.  Now for the media election frenzy.  Oh Joy, Oh Joy.  We have had nothing but politics on the news for several weeks already, and this will only increase in the coming weeks.  Actually we double dip, because there is heaps of media coverage for the entire election campaign in the States as well.  U-tt-er-ly Boring!!  Thankfully the English ones pass without too much coverage here.

Off to do some WORK for a change (grin).

Till next time.....Keep on stitching

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