Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Busy, busy, busy & a long drive home

We played in the Coffs Harbour Congress over the weekend.  So happy at our result!  We are not top players by any stretch of the imagination, so this weekend when we came in 11th of 68 teams we were just delighted.  And to put the icing on the cake, we were second in one of the minor divisions, which came with prize money!

The Team at the Presentations
We had a barbeque dinner at our place on Sunday night, with our team mates & one other couple.  It was a great night and finished off our holiday with a bang.
I did manage to squeeze in a quick trip to Hunters & Collectors Barn in Coffs Harbour during the week.  This little shop used to be in the hills outside Coffs, but has moved into town.  When I went looking for weblink just now to add to this post I couldn't find one :-(  I have loved this shop forever and always try to sneak in a quick look whenever I am in the vicinity. You know how sometimes you walk into a shop and literally everything on the shelves is your style?  Well this is one of those shops for me.
Here is what I came home with.....

Some pretty vintage linen, some yardage of Bella Solid in white and a lovely piece of pale green with a tiny navy spot which will be great as a blender fabric.  I have wanted to take a look at the Bella Solid range for a while - everyone in blogland has been talking about and using it lately.  So I have picked some up.  She had a great range of quilter's muslins there, the best I have seen anywhere, but I specially wanted to trail the Bella Solid range.  I also picked up some Heat Press.  I have been wanting to try that out for a while too, and saw it so I grabbed some.

Yesterday was a long drive home - 6 hours of boring freeway driving, nothing to look at, nothing to do except blat along at a 100.  Ho hum!  I took out some embroidery I had taken with me & got a fair bit done.  Can't show you the pics as it is secret sewing for the Santa Sack Swap I have joined.

The only thing that was interesting yesterday on the drive home was a birds nest we spied on the top of a telegraph pole.  There was a bird in it which I think may have been a Nankeen Kestrel.  Pretty exciting to see that!

The girls came over for some grandy time when we got home.  Love living so close to them that they can just drop in after school.  Tibby wouldn't come near me for several hours.  Poor little puss must have thought I abandoned her.  And I thought having a house sitter for her would save her the trauma of a cattery.  We have made friends now, and she is quietly sitting beside me now.

Today is boring stuff - washing, grocery shopping, catching up on bills etc., and if there is free time, I have to get on with my tax.

Til next time......... Keep on stitching

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