Friday, 19 July 2013


Well, by now, if you have read any of my posts, you will have worked out that I spend a considerable amount of my time working on quilts for Stitching Hearts.  Have you had a peek there?  Anyway, I thought I would introduce you to what we get up to.

We meet twice a month at the Senior Citizens Club in Cabarita.  That is a suburb of Sydney, about 16km west of the CBD, and 80km from where I live on the Central Coast.  It takes a good hour & a half to get there by car, but I actually prefer to go by train as I can just sit and relax along the way, and don't have the hassle of driving.

The first thing we do when we get there is a Show & Tell.  Love it!  It is so inspiring to see what others have done.

This is Ellen with a single sized quilt top she brought in this week.

The next thing on the agenda is very important - we have lunch.  Got to keep up the spirits.

Lousy photo No. 1 

Lousy Photo No. 2.  Note to self - go get some photography lessons!
You can however, see the wonderful facility in which we meet.  On the right of the photo is a row of trestle tables.  We use them to pin quilts on, to sit at to do hand sewing, and we also set up machines there to piece backings etc.  At the back is the stage - the wadding is measured & cut there.  Plenty of room to roll it out.  On the left of the photo, you can just make out the bank of cupboards in which we store the quilts, machines & other supplies, and the cupboards under the stage is where we keep the wadding and most of the fabric.
The huge expanse of floor we use to lay out quilts to sort them and choose which ones are to be delivered.  This was a photo I took recently.  I think this lot went to Meals on Wheels.

This week was pretty special.  Our major sponsors, Canada Bay Council gave us a grant.  Woo Hoo!  So it was photo time with the cheque.......

After the photographer left, we got down to business. 
Pairing up backing and quilt tops & cutting wadding is done on the stage.  Evelyn & I usually cop that job.

Then we have the pinners - Jan is usually found doing that.

Here is Robyn piecing a backing with Jackie & Cheryl looking on.

The other thing that happened is that Dale came by to collect a quilt for the Bardwell Park Golf Club Charity Day raffle.  The proceeds of the Charity Day will be split between Lucas Gardens Special School and the Cardiac Unit at Concord Hospital.  Here she is on the right with Jill and the quilt she selected.

And this is a stack of quilts ready to be delivered.  Not sure who this lot went to.
So that is what we get up to on a Thursday.
Til next time....... Keep on stitching.

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