Wednesday, 17 July 2013

So What's Been Happening

Not a lot of sewing, that for sure!

Its been school holidays for the last two weeks and we have had some quality time with the kids, so my sewing has been a bit backstage so to speak.  I have had to work on bits and pieces whenever I've had a spare half hour or so.

So firstly, I completed a lap quilt top for Stitching Hearts.  It is going down to Cabarita tomorrow to be paired up with a backing and to be pinned ready for quilting.  I love this pattern, its so easy to do and looks great.  It has been cut out for ages and lurking in the shadows, so I decided to just get it done.

Next cab off the block were three laundry bags for Aussie Heroes.  The fabric was gifted to me by my lovely friend Joyce for the purpose.

As I was making three from the one piece of fabric, I have made them slightly different, with the name patch and the cord channel different in each bag.  They were cut out and ready to sew for ages too.  Its the cutting out and planning which takes the time I find.

A week or so ago, Jan-Maree from Aussie Heroes, put out a request for a collaborative quilt on Facebook, and asked that FB friends each made one square to be put together for a special recipient.  We did a couple of those a month or two back.   I have put up some Photos about that here

So this time the brief was that the stars were to be pink, but not floral and the star points were to be white or nearly white.  So I thought I can do that, and put my hand up for a block.  The colours in the photo look mauve and don't do it justice - the fabrics are actually peachy, rather than pink:

At Friday Quilters last week, I managed to progress my leader & ender Broken Dishes blocks a bit.  I now have 11 of those complete and the 12th is all pinned & ready to sew.

Must say that when I saw the block initially, I couldn't see why it was called Broken Dishes, but now that I have some of the blocks sewn, I can see the pattern when they are placed together.  I don't really care - its a great way to use all those precut triangles some lovely person donated to us.  I am really loving the colours and the way the block is turning out.  The blocks will be sashed after I have completed making them.

I have also managed to add a couple of borders to Verna's Garden.  I have chosen to do a piano key border framed with a blue tone on tone fabric.  There is still one side of the piano key border to do.  I am thrilled with how it is turning out.

I went down to visit with her on Saturday last, and had so hoped to have that quilt finished so that I could present it to her, but that was not to be.  I am still a long way off completing it.  Hopefully next time I blog about it, I will have the top done.

I have spent the morning out in the garden today.  After a lot of cold, wet weather lately, the sun is out today and it is a glorious mid-winter day with beautiful sunshine, and far too nice to spend indoors.   I have had a short sleeved t-shirt on, and so enjoyed pottering around with birds singing and the bees buzzing!  Living in an area with lots of trees around means that sometimes the birds are quite deafening.  I'm not complaining!

So now its time to go hit that machine.  I have a quilt in the Bernina 440 which I am quilting for Stitching Hearts at the moment.  It was made by Jan and is very pretty.  More about that another time.  Or perhaps I could find something else to sew???

Til next time....... Keep on stitching.

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