Thursday, 25 July 2013

Sewing day for AHQ

Tuesday was a special sewing day for Aussie Hero Quilts.  Jan-Maree, the gem who organises Aussie Heroes invites all & sundry to her home fairly regularly for a concentrated sew-in.  This time I had the day free, and drove down to Sydney to join in. 

This week there were 6 of us, and we got quite a bit done.  Two ladies came from Western Australia!  Now I thought I had a long way to go! (tee hee hee).  For those not in the know, WA is clear across the other side of the continent - as far as Los Angeles to New York.

We do various things.  JM is happy for people to simply send in a quilt top, which then needs to be quilted.  So one of the jobs to be done on these sewing days is to marry quilt backings to quilts which are then sent off to be quilted.  This is not as easy to do as it sounds, as you need to cut the backings, then add strips to the backings to make them fit.  We usually add in a "GT stripe", i.e. cut a 6" strip down one entire long side, and insert a strip of a co-ordinating colour.  Think we got 10 of those done.

Two of us cut an entire roll of Matilda's Own cotton wadding into quilt sized lengths.  These got added to the tops & backing above, for the quilters to use.

There's also those mundane jobs like ironing.  Boo hiss!  I do enough of that at home. 

Another thing Jan-Maree organises is the Block of the Month, with tutorials appearing on the first day of the month on the AHQ blog.  These are generally fairly simple blocks which finish at roughly 10" square, so you don't need much experience, or many blocks to get a quilt done.  The blocks are either made up by the person making them into a quilt or they get sent back to .  Those that have been sent to Jan-Maree get sorted into kits with sufficient blocks to make up a quilt, and then these get put together, often in a sewing day.  Sometimes the BOM kits contain blocks from different months.  This often means that some blocks need to be trimmed down to match the others. 

We got 3 quilt tops made this time.

My job on Tuesday was to put together a BOM quilt with Courthouse Steps blocks which was the BOM for May this year.  The tutorial for that is here.  The kit was two blocks short, so despite there only being 15 blocks in total, I had to make up two before I started to sew them together.  The  quilt is likely to be a Wounded Warrior quilt, and here is how it ended up.

The two blocks I made are in the middle row each side of the centre block.  I was really pleased with them - they really fitted into the whole scheme of things, and you wouldn't know that at least 3, and possibly as many as 5 people made the blocks for that top.

Back a while ago I told you all about a quilt made by AHQ Facebook followers organised by Jan-Maree which was going to a lady in Afghanistan.   The blocks were made to the April BOM instructions, and the brief was blue & white stars.  Well the quilt arrived in Afghanistan, and the lovely lady who received it sent a gorgeous "thank you" to JM and included a photo of the quilt.

My two blocks are the two in the centre column, with the white background.  Doesn't the quilt look great?  Its a good feeling to see the thank you's and to know that your work is appreciated by the recipient.

Til next time.... Keep on stitching.

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  1. It sounds like you had a lovely time! And so productive :)


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