Monday, 29 July 2013


Altering clothes is a pain!

I made a winter dress too many years ago to remember when, and have never worn it.  Do you do that?  I guess it is a feeling that the garment is "not good enough".  In my case I am perplexed as to why I chose that style, so the other week, I got it out at took the bodice off - it was an empire line.  An empire line bodice on a woman my age? Daft!

Today I put a waist band on it and fitted some elastic into it.  Sounds easy?  Yep, it was.  Except that I didn't allow for the CBH's, and couldn't get the dratted thing on with the new waistband.  So off came the waistband, and I constructed another.  Grey thread on grey fabric is a bummer to unpick.  Still the new waistband is now on, and now I need to shorten the whole thing a bit, well quite a bit actually.  Maybe I'll wear it now.

It was a busy weekend.  We went to see the play "Dial M for Murder" on Friday night at the Woy Woy Little Theatre, which was great.  Then on Saturday we went to watch Miss 10 in her Netball game, and then were invited to a 50th birthday party in the evening.  The party was in Sydney unfortunately, but so good to see friends we haven't seen for a long while.  Sunday we played bridge in the Brisbane Water Congress all day.  It was good to have a day at home today.  Tomorrow I am off to Sydney again on my research project.

Til next time.......Keep on stitching

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