Friday, 7 June 2013

Windowsill Garden

A week or so ago, I got to and filled up two plastic containers with potting mix and popped some seeds in them.   I have beans in one and heritage spinach in the other.  I have put the trays on the windowsill in the kitchen.

And before you ask, I have no idea what the heritage spinach is going to be like, but going by the blurb on the packet it has different coloured stems - some are green, some yellow and some red.  I bought the packet last year at Captain Cook's Cottage in the Fitzroy Gardens when I visited Melbourne.  I tried to plant the first batch out directly into the garden, which was a spectacular failure.  If any of them did actually germinate, I never saw them.  Probably a combination of heat, bugs and lack of water for which I am famous.

So within about a week the first of the shoots began to peep out.  Here is the spinach with three tiny shoots and a new one just breaking through the surface of the soil.  The baby shoots come up really quickly - if you can pick out the one at the back centre which has just broken through the soil, that one was as big as it's mate to the right within 24 hours.  The shoots follow the sun and are usually bent over at right angles like the one in the bottom left.  Their rotten mother spins the tray around all the time, so the poor little things go backwards and forwards like a clock pendulum.  LOL  And they do have different coloured stems - you can see the bottom left one is green, while the one above it is red.
The beans are a failue.  After what looked like a shoot coming up within 2 days, there has been no development at all.  I am not really surprised as the seeds are a few years old.  Still not past the use by date though, so I was moderately hopeful.  Bit disappointing really.  I might try something else.
About the same time, a friend gave me a couple of chokoes.  I have this colourbond fence at the back of the garden with a garden bed in front of it.  The whole lot is shadeless and faces west.  Furthermore, there is a concret path which runs the length of the garden bed directly in front of it.  In summer its like Dante's Infereno up there.  Now chokoes grow anywhere with virtually no attention, and are famous for covering the outdoor dunnies so prevalent in Australia.  We had the dunny was a child but not the chokoes.  We had some other vine I can't quite remember other than it was prolific and very green.  So my thinking is that if I plant a couple of chokoes along the back fence, they will a) cover the ugly fence, b) provide some shade and cool down the garden bed a little so I can plant something else in it and c) provide me with lovely chokoes. 
So out came trusty Google, which told me I had to sprout the chokoes on a sunny windowsill, and when they are around 3" - 4" tall, plant them out with a trellis behind them.  So here they are:

Its terribly hard to get a good photo with the light at the back, but the one on the left is about 3" tall here.  The one on the right had not begun to shoot when I took the photo, but I see this morning that there are signs of life.  Woo Hoo!!  I plan to plant out the one on the left over the week end.  It will have about 5 months to grow to a decent size before the summer heat hits it, so hopefully my plan will work.  If it does, I will be able to use the garden bed in front of the fence.

During the week I dragged out Carl's quilt again and worked on that for a bit.  Then it came to adding border No. 4 and the pinwheels didn't match!!  Now pinwheels are symetrical, and I had 3 sides beautifully aligned, so why was No. 4 such a problem.  I looked and looked, and looked again.  Couldn't see where I had made a mistake.  This morning I took the whole lot to Friday Quilters thinking someone would see my mistake.  Spotted the mistake at once.  Can you?

In this photo, the left hand border has not been pieced yet, but the mistake is quite visible.  And I'll give you a hint - its not on the left.

So this morning's job was to unpick and resew the mistake, and then finally put the last pinwheel border on.  The plan is to put on another 3" border of the blue fabric, and then it should be about the right size for a single bed.

Tomorrow, the girls are all coming over in the afternoon after netball.  Ruby wants help with borders for her quilt.

Til next time.......keep on stitching.


  1. I've never heard of Chokoes! I'm going to google them right now! :o) And that quilt is beautiful! But I'm not seeing a mistake other than the hst are only one row on the right and two on the left? But it's still fabulous! :o)

    1. Hee hee hee. So I have someone intrigued! I will post the answer in a week or so, after I have given a few more people a headache (grin)


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