Monday, 24 June 2013

Very Wet Sunday

Its been raining for most of the day today, and very heavily right now.  A perfect day for some crafty things.

This morning my daughter brought all three of her girls for morning tea, and two of them stayed for some Baba time.    Now Miss 10 isn't really keen on sewing, but both of them love making cards, so out came all the card making equipment, and we proceeded to make a crafty mess.   We made two cards each, and two chuffed girls left a couple of hours later, clutching their booty.

I haven't had much time to sew this week.  I have "busy" weeks and "slow" weeks alternately, and this last one was a busy week.  Added to the normal busyness of my "busy" week, were two forays into car yards looking for a long overdue new car.  We are thinking small SUV and currently the short list is a Subaru, but we have yet to drive one.  A test drive is planned for Tuesday.

Despite having no time to sew, I still managed a few finishes.

First cab off the rank was the Snowball block leader & ender project I started to put together a week or so ago.  I made the blocks ages ago, and have only just got them together.  Bonus is that there are enough blocks to make a second lap quilt.

Bearing in mind that it was a exercise in depleting my stock of 5" squares and a piece of ugly fabric, I think it has turned out super!  I also think the dark green fabric on the border looks great.  It is a lap size charity quilt for Stitching Hearts.  I try not to buy fabric for charity quilts, as there is just so much donated fabric in our store cupboard, (and also in mine), so I prefer to use that.  And that is the challenge - use what is there.  Usually it turns out OK.
The next thing I worked on were three laundry bags for Aussie Heroes.  I made this lot from a batch of fabric given me by my lovely friend Joyce. 
I do like the way they turned out too.  Joyce has given me another batch of fabric as well, so I cut out three more from that at Friday Quilters (photo will appear when I've done them) and got started on the sewing on them.
My friend Jill from church came with Joyce and I on Friday morning.  She is usually tied up most Fridays, but this one popped up free, so she came along to meet everyone.  Think she enjoyed it, judging by the big grin on her face all morning!
Yesterday, while reading a back issue of "Patchwork & Stitching" (Vol 9 No.8), I found an article on the X-Blocks Rotary Cutting Tool, with some accompanying pictures of trial blocks.  It was one of those light bulb moments!  I just had to make it myself, so this afternoon I made up some trial blocks:
Basically all it is, is a nine patch with a cut made across from the top right corner of the middle block in the top row to the bottom right corner of the right hand block in the middle row, and continuing around to make a skewed square. 
If you cut some to the right and some to the left, this is what it looks like:
This is nine blocks.  I think it is a bit small, so am intending to make another 7 blocks so that I can lay them out 4 x 4.  Isn't that just super??  Planning to put a border on that, and make it up to lap size for another charity quilt.  Such a fun block. 
Only downer is that there is a fair amount of waste from the pieces you cut off.  I started with 4" blocks which made up to a 10.5" nine patch, but by the time I chopped off the edges, it ended up 8.25" square.
I have also finished the applique on Verna's Garden quilt.  I plan to add a couple of borders to it before quilting it.
And one of the corners.
I had wondered if I should add some more flowers into the corners, but I think there's enough.
Tomorrow my friend Di and I are booked into a machine maintenance workshop in the morning, and I am doing the overlocker maintenance workshop in the afternoon.  So looking forward to doing that!  With 4 sewing machines and an overlocker, if I can save myself a couple of trips a year to the mechanic for servicing, I will be one very happy chickie.
Til next time..... Keep on stitching.  

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