Sunday, 16 June 2013

Darling Harbour Quilt Show 14 June

Three of us from Friday Quilters got on the 7.58am train and headed to Sydney for the Darling Harbour Quilt Show on Friday.  We met up with Raelene mid morning as she was coming direct from her Mum's.  The train was packed and it was obvious where the little groups of ladies were going!   We made it not long after the doors opened.

Di and I went to an absolutely amazing free workshop on threads.  I thought it would take 15- 20 minutes, but the presenter talked for almost an hour.  It was just so informative.  And we were given a 16 page handout on the types of thread available, their characteristics, needles to use with each type, and a discussion on tension.  An absolutely invaluable piece of information.

I had always intended to track down the traders who carried the less often seen threads, so that I could buy a selection to trial and spent some time at the Wonderfil stall, and also at Punch with Judy who carry a range of Superior Threads.  Unfortunately none of the traders were selling the Aurofil threads, and I particularly wanted to trial some of those.

There were some great quilts.  Here is a selection of some I thought were brilliant.  The rest I'll post next time.

Civil War Journey by Rhonda Pierce


Crazy Anne by Chris Serong and Desley Maisano.  I love this block - there is so much movement in it.  Love the cheddar background too, which is amazing as I have never said that about cheddar before.  LOL

And a closeup of the lovely quilting in this quilt.
Big Blue by Joanne Barraclough - with a very well deserved medal

Closeup - Lovely quilting, and some nice piecing too

Rainbow Connection by Sydney Modern Quilt Guild and is a group quilt.  Love the colour and the way the blocks are arranged by colour group.

Closeup - each block was actually made up of a bunch of scrappy hexagons squared off and sashed.  Great idea for a scrap buster quilt.

A Golden Age by Isabella Klompe

All creamy gold fabrics and old lace.  Nicely quilted too 

Its the Singer not the Song by Ming Hsu.  A brilliantly quilted wholecloth design inspired by the inlay on an ancient Chinese bronze.  Quilted with a vintage Australian made 1957 Singer machine.

The quilting was with metallic thread, and the entire quilt shimmered, which you can't see in the photo.  Absolutely stunning!  And we all know what a pest metallic thread is to use, let alone an antique straight stitch machine to quilt with.  Definitely worth the ribbon it received.

More photos next time.
Til next time....... Keep on stitching.  

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  1. These are all so fantastic! And that last one....the quilting is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!


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