Thursday, 13 June 2013

Carl's Quilt is a Flimsy

WooHoo!  I have finished Carl's quilt to flimsy stage.  Here it is:

Now for those of you who were intrigued by my mistake, which I told you about here, here is a close up of the top border of the quilt before I fixed the mistake.  Can you see that the two HSTs on the top row either side of the blue strip are actually two dark triangles, and their mates in the row below them are two light triangles??    
That was the mistake. They are meant to make up a pin wheel block split by the piece of blue fabric, as in the photo below:
This meant that when I went to sew the fourth border on, the top pinwheel didn't align with the blocks on the top border.

So now all I need to do is get this baby pinned and quilted.  I have a backing fabric in mind, but the jury is still out on how to quilt this.  It is rather larger than a single bed size.  I will be doing it on a domestic machine, so I am limited by that and the ability of the operator LOL.

After finishing that off, I got one of my old leader and ender projects out the other day.  It has been hanging around howling for me to complete the top for weeks, probably months, so I laid it all out on my trusty flannel backed tablecloth, and have constructed 4 of the rows already.  

This was an exercise of using up the 5" squares, and an absolutely filthy fabric, which is now the little triangles on the snowball blocks.  It doesn't look too bad there, which is testimony to the adage that you only need to cut the fabric small enough for it to disappear in the quilt.  This will be a lap sized quilt for Stitching Hearts.  I have made a heap of snowball blocks, so there are probably enough to do a second quilt out of them.  I have found some dark green fabric which looks pretty good with that lot.

One of the challenges of sewing charity quilts is that we use donated fabrics, so you use what you have.  I do so many, that I just could not afford to buy the fabrics to do them all.  Its a win/win situation really, as I have the pleasure of being creative and sewing to my heart's content without the drain on the pocket.  I also like that we mostly make lap size quilts.  They are small, so they are done and dusted quickly.

The other very exciting thing is that I have signed up for the .......

that Cheryl is organising here.  I haven't been involved in one of those before, so this is really exciting for me.  So looking forward to planning and making the goodies for my Swap Sister.

Tomorrow Friday Quilters (me included) are off to the annual Quilt Guild Show at Darling Harbour.  It is the biggest show held in Sydney, and always fun - lots of quilts, lots of traders, and usually lots of people.  It will be a long day as we are catching an early train to make the most of it.  We will also be meeting up on the train with several friends from church who are also off to the Show for the day.  We will have to make sure we aren't in the Quiet Carriage - I expect there will be a ton of gossip and laughter.  Can't wait!

Til next time..... Keep on stitching