Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Round Robin Journey - In the beginning

Early in 2012 my quilt group, Friday Quilters, decided that a good challenge for the coming year would be to have a Round Robin.  None of us had participated in one before, so it was a bit of a learning experience for all of us.  Our brief was simple - prepare a block to use as the centre in time for our annual Retreat in May.  The Round Robin would have 6 rounds, and the first round would begin at the Retreat.  A journal was included in the pack so that each person could write a bit about the border they created, and the Big Reveal would be one year later at our Retreat in 2013.  There were 10 of us participating.

I deliberated for ages, as to what I wanted to do for the centre.  Eventually I found one of Bronwyn Hayes gorgeous stitcheries on Red Brolly called "True Friends and Simple Pleasures" as a free download.  I just adore Bronwyn's designs, and have several of her books, so I was absolutely delighted to have found this one.   It is in her "Catalicious" range of designs, and reminds me of my Tibby when she drapes herself across my knees, which is whenever I sit down.  LOL.  Here is what I produced:

But!  Being perverse, I decided at the last minute that I really didn't want to use a stitchery in the centre of a quilt.  So what to do?  Then inspiration hit me.  I had actually left a lot of fabric to the right of the stitchery, so why not use this as the quilt lable instead? 

Good idea, but having abandoned the idea of using the stitchery as my centre panel, I was stuck for inspiration.  More pondering, and, as I love Civil War reproduction fabrics, I thought I would dig into them for my block.   That was evil of me (grin) as only one other person in our group is into Civil War fabrics.  It was fitting to choose a block from the book "Civil War Love Letter Quilt" by Rosemary Youngs, to showcase my Civil War fabrics. 

You can read all about the book here.  Doubly fitting as I had bought the book at Quiltsmith on a shopping trip our group did a while back.

I chose the block called "Hospital Arrangements" inspired by a letter by David Coon to one of his sons (unnamed) on 3 April 1864.

I made 4 x 6" blocks by foundation piecing them onto paper, then setting them into a 4 patch and sewing a 2" border  around it and corner stones in the four corners.  Love the block!


Til next time....... keep on stitching

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