Thursday, 2 May 2013

No longer tearing my hair out

Well its 2 weeks since I posted that I was tearing my hair out about the border to put onto the Round Robin I am working on, and all is resolved now.  So thankfully I have not gone bald in the process.

I decided to use the Spin Out block in the tutorial that John at Quilt Dad had put up on his blog.  Thanks John.

I was worrying that the border would be too wide in relation to the rest of the quilt as the block is 8" finished.    As my maths is non-existent, I made a test block according to the instructions.  It is 8" finished.

Isn't this a fun block?  Anyway, I wanted to use all Civil War fabrics, and I also wanted each block to be different, so in the end I had to throw in other fabrics as there are 36 blocks & my Civil War stash wasn't big enough.  Is that a reason to go shopping for more?  LOL.
There were also enough scraps in the bag with the quilt for me to be able to carry through several of the fabrics which had been used previously.  The background fabric I used was the same as in the rest of the quilt - I was fortunate enough to be able to buy an exact match for it from Hobbysew.
Here is my little companion, Tibby, making sure that I was choosing the right fabrics for the next few blocks. to be made
I just loved this border.  I only wish that I'd had more time to do it in, as I was under huge pression to get it finished, and found myself nose to the grindstone for the whole two weeks.  I also found that because I was making each block different, I couldn't just precut the fabrics and zoom through.  I had to make choices for each block and cut them all individually.  And make sure I had the right bits together!
I put in a spacer border of tan floral desined by Barbara Brackman & a Civil War reproduction, and I repeated the fabric as a frame.

Here it is finished

Here is a detail photo of one of the corners
I am so happy with the way it turned out!  Even though my border has added 12" on each side to the original quilt, I don't think it looks too heavy or out of place.  The Spin Out block gives the border so much movement, and colour!

My next job was to make a minature block as a feature to go in the scrap book that has been travelling with the quilt.  Wasn't that fun & games!  Remember I said my maths was atrocious?  Well I cut and recut and pieced and unpicked and pieced again.  Still not quite right with the corner wing triangles, but it looks cute.

The other thing weighing on my mind over the last 2 weeks was that I am doing a workshop at the Retreat on Seminole Patchwork on Saturday, so I had to put that together too.  I was so fortunate in that I had found the samples I had made some years ago tucked away in the bottom of one of my drawers.  I had forgotten I had them.  They were made as samples for a class which never eventuated, so all I had to do was write up the instructions.  I would have been very stressed if I had to make up the samples as well.

All done.  Whew!  We leave tomorrow morning for our Retreat and we will be doing the Big Reveal tomorrow night.

Today is a Stitching Hearts day, and Jan & I are driving down to Sydney shortly, so it will be a long and tiring day.  I have about half an hour before I leave, so I'm off to pack for the Retreat.

Til next time.........keep on stiching


  1. What a lovely quilt. It looks like you enjoyed lots of fun patterns, but they all came together into a great quilt in the end. Glad you were able to make the fabric work out.

    1. Hi Angela, I have just returned from our annual retreat. We did the quilt handover to the original owners on Friday and it was just the most wonderful evening. The girl who received this quilt was dumb struck. Will be blogging about the whole journey in the next few days.


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